Mnangagwa Pay USD100 Billion Gukurahundi Compensation
26 March 2022
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As Matabeleland Liberation Organisation (MLO) we would like to put it unambiguously clear that we will not fold our hands and watch while Mr Mnangagwa spills innocent Matabele blood again. We rightly address him here as Mr Mnangagwa because he has stooped too low to be referred as President. His statement that he will shorten our lives for advocating for the restoration of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe is the last straw. It has exposed him as a blood thirst and unrepentant genocidist, terrorist, coup maker and tribal oppressor that he is.

MLO is left with no any other option but to defend Matabele nation in the face of a clear threat from a genocidist who has condemned more than 40 000 innocent Matabele civilians to the grave, their crime being that of being Matabele, if that is a crime at all.

Obviously he is banking on and counting genocide as a victory when he threatens to shorten our lives for peacefully advocating for the restoration of Matabeleland. We will react in the most diabolical way that has never been experienced in the history of Matabeleland and Zimbabwe AKA Mashonaland. We will shake and shame the Shona supremacist system and leave Zimbabwe in shambles.

When we entered the political stage in 2008, we were aware of the fact that we were not entering the beauty contest. We knew very well that we were jumping into the Zimbabwe political platform which is heavily stained with innocent blood of fellow Matabeles. For that reason our organisation is one size fit all like a condom. We say give us death or independence! We have got nothing to lose but our chains. We fear no death. We fear no one but God The Almighty.

MLO will not disappear from the ring and go to ground in the face of Mnangagwa’s threat. But this statement lives as proof of how spot on we were to advocate Matabeleland breakaway from Zimbabwe. His statement has radicalized and opened the eyes of Matabeleland youth who are now itching to fight for their freedom and are willing to accept AK47ns even from the devil himself.

As the reckless dismissal of Mr Mnangagwa from ZANUPF by late President Mugabe in 2017 caused his political down fall and fast- tracked the ascendance of Mnangagwa to the position of President, the unprovoked attack of innocent Matabeles would speed up the implosion of Zimbabwe and accelarate the restoration of Matabeleland state to emerge as The Republic of Matabeleland.

We note that when Mugabe addressed Shona crowds in Mashonaland in the 1980s, telling them that he would wipe out Matabele from the face of earth, they all danced and cheered and celebrated the cruel death of Matabele.

When Zimbabwe Vice President, Constantino Chiwenga threatened to crush CCC like lice, many church organisations, human rights organisations and civil organisations from Mashonaland were up in arms, they came out in their numbers to call him to order. Where are they to rebuke the President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa who has threatened to murder innocent Matabele civilians?

The only noise we hear from Mashonaland is that of Shona crowds applauding and cheering Mnangagwa threaten to kill Matabele. The defeaning silence from the so called human rights organisations and Churches means that they have thrown away their church robs and joined ZANUPF to cheer Mnangagwa to go ahead and kill innocent Matabeles. What kind of humans are these that enjoy and celebrate the suffering and death of their “fellow countrymen”? Why are the Shona people misusing and abusing their majority power?

Well, we now know the truth Matabeles were never accepted as Zimbabweans and they will never be accepted as such.

That is why some of us have accepted that we are not Zimbabweans and we want out of the hell-hole called Zimbabwe.

For the benefit of those who did not read Mnangagwa’s unfortunate statement, it goes like this.

“There are others like the Mthwakazi (Matabele), who think Zimbabwe should be divided into two states to form the Mthwakazi Republic. Let them speak for now because I am not going to arrest them. They will talk, and talk, get old, and die but Zimbabwe will remain a unitary state. No one will divide this country into small states.

“They must keep quiet, work with the government of the day and forget about this country being divided into two states. If they continue to talk about this, let it be known to them that they will have shorter days to live on this earth.

“There is no country in this world that allows for divisions of their nations. United Nations (UN) Charter recognizes every member country including Zimbabwe. Move-in the path that will allow you to live long or else your days are numbered. We want peace and harmony in this country.”

We wonder which UN Charter Mr Mnangagwa is talking about. But if it is the UN Charter that we all know and all read, it allows states like The Republic of Matabeleland which is formerly The Kingdom of Matabeleland, that remained under colonisation through an imperfect decolonisation to restore its states and achieve self determination. It is the same UN that granted independence and sovereignty to South Sudan on 7 July, 2011 after a war between Sudan and South Sudan. It is the same UN that granted Eritrea independence and sovereignty and recognised it as an independent state from Ethiopia on 27 April, 1993.

We have no doubt that the same good UN will soon grant The Republic of Matabeleland its former status as an independent and sovereign state following already existing boundary known as the Jameson Line once recognised by the UN and Mnangagwa’s ancestors.

To all patriotic Matabele people in Matabeleland and diaspora, we say the murderer of your loved ones is threatening to spill more blood of our relatives. Get ready to assist in any possible way to save your own people from the killer jaws of a proven murderer of your people. Even those who are in the the CCC and ZANUPF are not safe. When we smell like goats to our enemy you also smell the same. You will not be spared join us and fight for your independence. If you do not believe at least learn from the Enos Nkala example.

We will not depart from our demands to the Zimbabwe government which are as follows:

I) Restoration of Matebeleland State as at 3 November 1893 and emerge and join the family of nations as The Republic of Matebeleland

2) Pay US$100billion dollars reparations for Matebele genocide done by the Zimbabwe government through Zimbabwe National Army 5th brigade in 1981-1987

Ayihlome Mthwakazi!!!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs