Mwonzora Humiliated In Masvingo
28 March 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| President Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens’ Coalition For Change (CCC) thrashed Zanu PF in all the four by-elections in Masvingo Urban Constituency.

Douglas Mwonzora’s party also performed dismally in the by-elections in Masvingo Urban.

See report below:
Wezhira Munya

President Chamisa and CCC party win Masvingo four council seats…

Citizens’ Coalition for Change deputy chief of staff Mr Dangazela said: “Masvingo urban is pro- President Chamisa. We celebrate election victory today, after our councillors were recalled by Mwonzora.”

Zanu PF and MDC T Mwonzora failed to get a single council seat. In other polling stations Mwonzora did not get even a single vote.

MDC Mwonzora agents could not vote for their own party candidates.

The majority of Masvingo urban youths did not vote.

Ward 3 Masvingo urban

Kamuzondo CCC Chamisa : 1137
Bucho Zanu PF ED: 476
Vembo MDC A Mwonzora: 51

Ward 4 Masvingo urban

CCC Tabe Chamisa: 660
Zanu PF ED: 411
CCC Muchuchuti Chamisa: 294
Mwonzora MDC A : 21

President Chamisa’s party had a total of 954 votes (Add Tabe and Muchuchuti votes)

Ward 5 Masvingo urban

Mberikunashe CCC: 469
Wadzai Zanu PF: 280
Makiwa MDC Alliance: 18

Ward 7 Masvingo urban

Musekiwa CCC Chamisa: 1342
Dohwa Zanu PF ED: 408
MDC Alliance Mwonzora: 35
Chidhindi Lead Masarira: 2