Wiwa Celebrates By-elections Victory
28 March 2022
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By A Correspondent- Citizens Coalition for Change deputy chairman Job Sikhala has thanked Zimbabweans for voting for his party in last Saturday’s by-elections.

The CCC) prevailed in the By-elections, winning 75 out of 122 (61.5%) council seats and 19 out of 28 (68%) Parliamentary seats that were up for grabs.
The party’s overall performance was 64.75%.
The rest were won by the ruling Zanu PF.
Out of the 28 parliamentary seats that were up for grabs, 20 were won by the opposition MDC Alliance in 2018 of which 18 fell vacant by recalls (by MDC-T), 2 by death.
Of the 28 Parliamentary seats, Zanu PF won 7 in 2018 of which 5 fell vacant by death, 1 by a recall and 1 by resignation.

Posting on his Twitter account Sikhala said encouraged Zimbabweans to support CCC.

He said:

Dear Zimbabweans: It is now time for all of us to come and join CCC. Time for change is now. 2023 is around the corner. We can’t postpone the inevitable any longer. Please join CCC today !!!