“Disband ZEC”
30 March 2022
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Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia dedicates victory to the late change champion Mboneni Ncube.

29 March 2022

Yellow Revolutionaries in Namibia dedicate the Saturday victory to the late change champion Mboneni Ncube who was butchered in cold blood in Kwekwe just 9 days before the by-elections. As a district, we would like to honour our late social democrat in the yellow revolution for committing himself to the national democratic struggle led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. Our message to ZanuPF and their enablers is that no amount of violence, human butchery and intimidation shall deter our people from voting for the change that delivers.

May the dear soul of our revolutionary who died towards by-elections rest in power not forgetting all victims of state sponsored violence as well as prisoners of conscience. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia salutes the varlour and nerve exhibited by our diligent members who endured ZanuPF engineered terror on those who believe in the yellow colour of hope. The resilience displayed in Gokwe, Kwekwe, Marondera and Masvingo where they unconstitutionally banned our rallies is quite commendable. Thank you citizens for showing a middle finger to ZanuPF, their surrogates as well as their misguided enablers by voting for the two months old Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC).

In addition to that, Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia would like to applaud yellow democrats for choosing to vote for complete change in Bulawayo, Masvingo, Binga ,Harare and Mutare. 19/28 and 75/122 is a great leap forward considering what ZEC, ZanuPF, Police, Mwonzora and Komichi were doing to steal and suffocate the people’s vote. Thank you fellow compatriots for voting and defending the vote against perennial rigging machinery in ZEC sponsored by the clueless Harare regime. We are quite aware that Zanupf bussed people from surrounding areas to boost their votes during the by-elections which remains unconstitutional and criminal. We demand an independent ZEC that works as a non-biased adjudicator to avert another disputed elections.

Despite the shenanigans from the satanic ZanuPF regime , Citizens Coalition For Change managed to win most of the local council and legislators in parliament which is incontrovertible evidence to prove that the people of Zimbabwe know their bonafide leaders. We shall continue to salute the members in the Court of Public Opinion for setting the record straight against masquerades who are used by Satan to derail the freedom train in Zimbabwe. Douglas Togaresei Mwonzora’s Zanupf sponsored Mdc Alliance got humiliating zeros across the breadths and lengths of Zimbabwe after illegally recalling our genuine revolutionary fighters.

We reiterate that ZEC should reform or be disbanded after their dismal failure to run free, fair and credible elections in the motherland. Social democrats witnessed poor ballot papers aimed at disadvantaging the popular and organic people’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. This must be resisted with equal measure. We intend to fight peacefully for the comprehensive political, constitutional and electoral reforms to guarantee a smooth transition of political power from Zanu-PF to the change champion in chief who is the only panacea for socio-economic transfiguration in Zimbabwe.

Namibia district shall soldier on supporting the unaccomplished business of the liberation struggle. We yearn to see one man one vote being respected in Zimbabwe. The citizens are longing to support the struggle to its logical conclusion. Our message remains clear that people must register to vote, recruit and radicalize for change. Despite our resounding victory, we remain dedicated and committed to confront satanism for a free Zimbabwe where traditional leaders are not coerced to work for ZanuPF. Citizens at the centre becomes our inspirational campaign vehicle, an effort to replace politicians from the core of governance.

In a nutshell , Citizens in Namibia would like to once again appreciate genuine yellow revolutionaries for giving back the mandate to chosen members of parliament and councillors. Thank you Masvingo, Harare and Bulawayo for giving us a white wash. We shall commit morally, materially and financially especially ahead of the historic general elections in 2023.

In 2023, we target 6 million voters for change. Lets register to vote and defend the vote. Goodluck and thank you once again for yellow. Kudya zvose kudya yellow!

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya