OPINION: What Is Wrong With Khupe Joining CCC?
30 March 2022
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By Martin Stobart| I am happy that MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe has joined the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Those who are opposed to her decision because they don’t trust her are wrong, totally wrong.

Khupe is not rejoining any party, but joining CCC, a new party with no substantive leadership.

Even if Khupe had rejoined, what is wrong with that? She is bringing her supporters to CCC.

There are no permanent enemies in politics. Let us remember that Khupe was second-in command to the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai. She is one of the remaining founding members of opposition politics in Zimbabwe.

She is even senior to CCC leader Nelson “Mukomana” Chamisa all the way until the death of Tsvangirai.

Khupe is human enough to object, to protest in any manner that excites her fancy. Left to his own devices, Chamisa would not object to working with Khupe. Khupe was not wrong to go to court to challenge Chamisa.

However, she may have been terribly unwise. Hers was a gut reaction imposed on her by circumstances. Those who are opposed to her because they don’t trust her have to realise one thing that one cannot trust even one’s wedded spouse in this world. Ubulawa ngowakho (you can be betrayed by a confidante). Even Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus in exchange for 30 pieces of silver.

Don’t succumb to passion in politics, please, whether in love or in hatred. It has been stated that Tsvangirai “appointed” Chamisa as his successor while  on his death  bed, through a third party, the leader of another MDC faction for that matter.

True or false, the fact is that Khupe was not there and, therefore, she was not going to buy that story just like that.

Let us analyse politics rationally, please. Notwithstanding the positives and negatives hitherto characterising their relationship, there should be no bad blood between the two.

The person to be not trusted is puppet Douglas Mwonzora.

Clearly his political life is in tatters if not kaput.