Mnangagwa Hoodwinks War Collaborators
2 April 2022
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On going War Collaborators vetting a mere Political move by Zanu pf meant to deceive the electorate.

Zanu pf neglected them longback.Advocate Nelson Chamisa emphasized on remuneration for all war collaborators and senior Citizens when he assumes government office.

Since 1980 Zanu pf has failed to remunerate our fathers and mothers ,sons and daughters who sacrificed their life during liberation struggle.

The current ED government might want to paint black Mugabe but more than three quarters of them were also in the Mugabe government that ignored the plight of the war collaborators. During the Land Reform programme popularly known as Hondo yeminda, Zanu pf used the same people to invade farms from white settlers only to award themselves with multiple farms, electrified farm houses among other things and chase the youths away to small pieces of land with no community social services needed. Since then Zanu pf has done nothing to award those that fought during the liberation struggle and also those that fought the Hondo yeminda. It’s high time that Zanu pf youths should wake up from their slumber and realise that they are being used by the senior Zanu pf chefs to fatten their already fat pockets.

Now that Chamisa has come up with a pro poor, pro citizens agenda that ensures that war collaborators, senior citizens and war veterans should be remunerated accordingly and in strong US currency,Zanu pf regime has panicked as we head towards elections and are now coming up with a war collaborators program that they they have for long been ignoring. They are only doing this to brainwash the electorate. Zanu pf chefs must surrender their multiple farms first,surrender their mines first ,to the citizens and other war collaborators whom they are claiming to be assisting.

War Collaborators and senior citizens should be vigilant enough to claim that which is theirs and is in the hands of few Zanu pf chefs. This Zanu pf move is also not backed by the financial or economic basis in the treasury. We will soon be seeing longer qeues in banks as there is foreign currency deficit due to lack of investors and isolation from the international community. Moreover the Corruption in government officials is crippling the economy to such an extent that a few people are pocketing from minerals. How then would Zanu pf achieve to remunerate the war collaborators, How then would Zanu pf give decent salaries to civil servants with that level of corruption.

Citizens Citizens Wake up and demand your dues from government.
War Collaborators demand your land from the multiple farm owners, demand enough monetary remunerations in forex not in expiring bond notes. Watch out we are being fooled just for elections and then they would neglect you for another 5 years.

Peaceful demand for our dues as citizens,war collaborators, youths and civil servants would yield something if we are to be vigilant.

Timoth Muswere is a Youth Change Champion interim spokesperson for Masvingo Province. He wrote in his own capacity.*