Parliament Rejects To Give Cars To Chamisa MPs
5 April 2022
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By- That parliament said it was not going to issue cars to newly-elected CCC Members of Parliament.

  The Parliament said these MPs got cars as MDC Alliance MPs before they were recalled by MDC-T .

Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda said this in an interview with The Sunday Mail.

Chokuda said the winners of the by-elections held on March 26 will be sworn in this week after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) gives Parliament the full list of successful candidates. He said:

The swearing-in of members will be done at the earliest possible date, most probably the first week of April, once ZEC has officially written to Parliament giving us the full list of all the successful candidates.

We note that on 31st March 2022 ZEC gazetted the list of successful candidates and hence we expect that communication any time from now.

Chokuda said all new Members of Parliament (MPs) will receive the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for this year and next year. Said Chokuda:

In respect of vehicles, this will be treated on a case by case basis depending on the status of the member. The new members will get a vehicle as expected.

Those returning to Parliament and who had received a vehicle during the life of this Parliament have already been covered and hence will not get a new vehicle.

The law says a Member is only eligible for one vehicle every five years.

However, if a Member was recalled before they received a vehicle they will still be eligible to receive a vehicle.

There are 28 new MPs, 19 from CCC, the majority are returning to Parliament, and 9 from ZANU PF.

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