UANC Women’s League Maps The Way Forward Ahead Of 2023
6 April 2022
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By A Correspondent- The United African National Council women’s league last week, Thursday held their first meeting in Harare

The meeting was attended by representatives drawn from the country’s 10 provinces. Top on the agenda of the meeting was mapping the way forward ahead of the 2023 general elections.

In a speech read on his behalf, the party’s leader and president Rev Dr Gwinyai Muzorewa said:

“It is my joy today to gather the party’s women’s leadership from all the provinces, We have gathered here for the birth  of United African National Council women’s league.  As from today the UANC will now be visible to form Zimbabwe’s alternative government in 2023.”

UANC is the first Zimbabwean political party to take the office in 1979 and was led by the now late Bishop Abel Muzorewa.

Muzorewa led the country while talks for the holding of the country’s first elections were underway in 1980.

Bishop Abel Muzorewa passed away in 2010 and in 2017 the party held it’s congress where his son Dr Rev Gwinyai Muzorewa was elected as the new party President.  

Ms Essof who is the national chairperson for the UANC urged women to work hard and contribute towards national development.

“Women are key in the nation building, Every woman should participate in building Zimbabwe. You are the family leaders who should also  stand and tell the nation about the Zimbabwe you like not like what we see today. Family morale has deteriorated in our lovely nation due to the economic decline that is perpetrated by poor leadership so as women let’s stand up against such,” said Ms Essof 

” Today’s opposition is misleading the nation ,it goes around claiming and telling the poor suffering citizens to vote for them whilst they go to the western countries seeking for the sanctions that causes more sufferings to the ordinary citizens” said UANC  Secretary General.

” UANC is known for being a peaceful party , party that unites the nation ,party that embraces ethnic , regional and religious diversity . We are known for delivering our promises , affordable houses , paying good salaries to teachers , nurses , doctors and all other civil servants and we don’t abuse our security forces. So in 2023, we are taking over our Zimbabwe as we shall rebuild ,revamp ,repair and restore all the nation’s institutions  that need a serious overhaul .”

United African National Council has various aligned projects that will uplift communities and these includes borehole drilling, roads rehabilitation, soap manufacturing to mention a few. In 2018 general elections UANC had 89 candidates for national assembly by due to some insignificance only 29 qualified but they did not manage to win but this time they are confident of wining as they use “musangano wadzoka” mantra