Human Rights Defenders Condemn Brutal Murder Of Zimbabwean Man In SA
8 April 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Human rights defenders have condemned the brutal murder of Elvis Nyathi in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Citizens’ Coalition For Change has also denounced xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans in South Africa.

CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Ostallos Gift Ostallos Siziba wrote on Facebook:
“We condemn the brutal murder of Elvis Nyathi in South Africa.

It must never be tolerated in our African continent that a brother finds pleasure in the murder of the other.

We are one people, we are one nation Africa.

As Zimbabweans we must stand together as one and resolve the domestics challenges that has led to the ill-treatment, harassment and murder of our people in South Africa.”

“We face danger and home and danger abroad. We must fix our country, show love always and stand shoulder to shoulder to make the world a better place.”

Human rights defender
Liam Kanhenga said:
“The death of Elvis Nyathi is a sign of how institutionalized violence and self hate among black people are destroying our societies .

Then looking into operation Dudula

The act of vigilante justice is itself criminal and wrong. However it reflects on how the existing criminal justice system in South Africa and the general governance machinery are failing the local people while desperate foreigners take the hits .

Operation Dudula is an act of terror covered in the excuse of an immigration crisis. The SADC and AU shld start acting against institutionalized and sytemized violence against black bodies on the continent .”