Operation Dudula Leader Declares War On Zimbabwean Nationals
8 April 2022
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By- Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla “Lux” Dlamini, says he doesn’t regret the brutal murder of a Zimbabwean national by vigilantes in Diepsloot on Wednesday.

Posting on Twitter this Friday, Lux, whose real name is Ntlantla Mohlauhi blamed South African media and the country’s government for giving more attention to the murder of the Zimbabwean national than seven South Africans allegedly murdered by Zimbabweans. Lux said:

[I] can’t cry for this [one] [Zimbabwean] guy [because] my tears ran out crying for the [seven] South Africans that were killed by Zimbabweans.
It’s disgusting how this [one] death is enjoying more media, political attention [and] sympathy over the [seven] SA deaths.
May they ALL [the South Africaans and Zimbabweans] rest in PEACE!
This comes after a Zimbabwean domestic worker, Elvis Nyathi (43), was assaulted and then set alight by a mob in Diepsloot, a slum area in northern Johannesburg, on Wednesday night.

Lux and his movement accuse foreign nationals of “stealing our jobs”, selling illicit drugs and committing other crimes in the country.
He joined a protest by residents of Diepsloot earlier on Wednesday. Speaking at the demonstrations, he said:
I am not here as Operation Dudula, I am here because I am a South African. We are here to support the community. I have relatives living here and they deserve to be safe in this area.