President Chamisa Party Sues ZEC
9 April 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens’ Coalition For Change has taken the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission( ZEC) to court for rigging elections.

CCC Mutasa Central (15) has a raised a litany of irregularities in court papers.

See statement below:

Citizens Coalition For Change Mutasa Central Ward 15 takes ZEC to court over vote rigging.

07 April 2022

Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) Namibia would like to register its continuous solidarity with Mutasa Central Ward 15 which suffered from electoral malpractices on the 26th March by-elections.

The district supports the ward’s resolution to take ZEC to the Electoral Court contesting a festival of irregularities before,during and after the poll. It is now imperative to give all the moral,material and financial assistance to our foot soldiers who are enduring unprecedented torture, inhuman treatment and intimidation of voters in the motherland.

We have noted with fury that Zanu PF bases were dotted around 8 polling stations in Mutasa Central Ward 15. These bases were used to intimidate voters coercing them into voting the clueless ZanuPF.

What perturbs yellow revolutionaries in Namibia is that one polling station alone registered 210 assisted voters, a centre that under sane circumstances recorded 8-10 assisted voters. The huge discrepancies in the number of assisted voters between 2018 and 2022 elections are quite hypnotising and transfixing.

In 2018, Mutasa Central Ward 15 exhibited only 8-10 assisted voters but all of a sudden the ward witnessed astronomical numbers amounting to 349 voters out of 1461.

Remember that Zimbabwe is undoubtedly one of the most literate countries in Africa and the world with approximately over 90% literacy rate. It boggles the mind to witness people being compelled to be illiterate so that ZanuPF thugs could vote for them.

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia urges Mutasa Central Ward 15 to exhaust all remedies to defeat rigging of the people’s voice.

In addition to that, our people were frogmarched to ZanuPF meetings organised by traditional leaders who are being abused by the satanic Harare regime. We demand the neutrality of traditional leaders and the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to avoid contested election results.

The assisted voter phenomenon became the game changer in Mutasa Central Ward 15 hence the need to approach the courts for justice. Defending the vote should start now before 2023! It is foolhardy to believe that with a literacy rate of about 96%, we have 10% voter disability! We demand free, fair and credible elections in Zimbabwe.

We applaud Mutasa Central Ward 15 for embracing our agenda 2022 which is quite clear on the need to have citizens’ action for change. The people’s vote needs protection from the captured state institutions. According to our yellow leadership in the ward, the presiding officers were informed about these irregularities but nothing was done to address that. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia is cobra-headed after giving all the moral , material and financial assistance to defend the vote. The district supports the initiative to take these rigging shenanigans head on. There is need to do everything peaceful in our means to defend the votes.

Furthermore, Mutasa Central Ward 15 is not the only one that suffered from this electoral fraud. Before the election, we saw Mboneni Ncube butchered in Kwekwe and dozens injured. The district witnessed incessant banning of our rallies in Gokwe, Marondera and Masvingo which is rigging in its own right. Our polling agents were being harassed and beaten by the satanic ZanuPF thugs on the election day in various parts of the country such as Epworth, KweKwe, Mwenezi, Gokwe, Chivi only to mention but a few.

In Makoni North, specifically Maruma Primary School Ward 4, our agent refused to sign the V11 forms because the elections were marred by rigging and vote buying. ZanuPF members including MP James Munetsi were gathered at 320 metres from the polling station coercing and intimidating yellow revolutionaries compelling them to pretend to be illiterate. This muzzling of the people’s right to vote must be resisted with equal measure. Let’s support Mutasa Central Ward 15 in its effort to promote an even political field which is free from voter manipulation by the sadist regime.

It’s very sad that the outcome of the poll did not reflect the will of the people. Voters were threatened,intimidated and coerced into surrendering their fundamental basic human right to elect candidates of their choice. We should pursue court petitions all over the disputed results across the breadths and lengths of the motherland. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia demands the independence of the judiciary.






Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Interim Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya