Hopewell Chin’ono Explains Why He Slams Youths Who Follow Passion Java | VIDEO
9 April 2022
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Below is a Magamba video of investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono explaining why he slams youths who follow controversial ZANU PF activist, Passion Java.

Chin’ono last year responded to Cde Fatso on the question- “Why do you attack Gheto youths?,” saying:

It’s not attacking Gheto youths, you know, I am a gheto youth myself I grew up in Glen Norah and I became who I am today through those roots of growing up in Glen Norah, and I am also a rural youth, I grew up in Murehwa; and what I am saying to young people, is there is a world out there that needs to be conquered, a world that you can have a nice home, a world that you can have a nice car, and that world can only be conquered if you invest your mind to it;

So a lot of people run after Java, and I diss them and rightly so, for doing it, because if I had been a youth of today and I was doing the same thing, I wouldn’t have achieved what I have achieved today as a journalist, and I see that politicians are not bothered about youth taking drugs because it works to their advantage, around voting time you will see all of them in Mbare giving these youths things, and what I am saying to the youth is no, don’t be given a piece of fish, be given a rod and be taught to fish so that..