Stop The Killing Of Helpless Zimbabweans, ED, CR17 Told
9 April 2022
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By Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi | Please can you stop the killing of helpless Zimbabweans on the streets of South Africa. Images of Zimbabweans being set alight and being killed in broad daylight are becoming so common. There is a perception that these are state sanctioned killings. We now have a terrorist organisation called Dudula that is publicly declaring war on Zimbabweans. Surely, there is something wrong. Imagine a Zimbabwean organisation declaring war on South Africans on national TV. What will be the reaction of the South African government? Why is the Zimbabwean government quiet? Why are they not doing anything about these atrocities? For how long is our government going to allow them to be assassinated like wild animals? Why is the South African government not condemning the action of Dudula?No African should be killed because of his or her nationality.

The silence of the South African government is a true indication that they support this dangerous terrorist organisation called Dudula. I kindly request our President His Excellency ED Mnangagwa to immediately request the South African government to ACT NOW and stop the killing of Zimbabwean people immediately.

We have South Africans and South African businesses operating in Zimbabwe and if the South African government does not stop these mindless atrocities. Watching our fathers and brothers being set alight and killed on the streets of South Africa will definitely lead to Zimbabwe’s retaliation which will have very serious repercussions for both countries. We have pick n pay, unki mine, Nampak, etc South African business operating in Zimbabwe. If this trend continues Zimbabwe will call for some kind of sanctions by the locals.

As a citizen of Zimbabwe NO ONE should lose their life because they are Zimbabweans,the killings and harassment should STOP immediately. “PAPA STOP THE WAR.”

Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi