Ramaphosa Letter from King Mzilikazi – FULL UNEDITED LETTER
23 April 2022
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The xenophobic mood and events in your lovely Republic of South Africa in the recent years have been continuously on the rise and with fatal consequences to say the least.


The unfortunate reality however Mr President Sir, is that this sad situation is clearly far from ending. This is not an easy challenge and I genuinely empathize with you. While I totally deplore xenophobia as devilish and shallow, I also understand where your citizens are coming from. Every country has limited resources and opportunities at any given time and it is the roll of every country’s governing authorities to plan and manage them as equitably as possible for all its citizens and for future generations. And generally all human beings are uncomfortable and fearful when overwhelmed by foreign influence. If this fear is not managed and allayed, no one can tell as to what all the frustrations coupled with misinformation will lead to.

Mr Elvis Nyathi, the man who recently suffered and died a sad and barbaric death in the hands of a very determined South African mob, as many others stood approving, was a Matebele/ Ndebele. He was a citizen of the Royal Mthwakazi Kingdom alias Matebeleland. The primary reason why Mr Nyathi was in South Africa, whether legally or not, just as many of our people are, is because, he was a man without a country. All the original citizens of Matebeleland are stateless and were rendered so by the British in 1893. They later handed us over to their proxy, the Zimbabwe Shona Government who treated us in the exact manner you treated Mr Elvis Nyathi and more. The only difference was that they did it at a large scale during the Gukurahundi Genocide of Matebeleland of the 1980s. This genocide still continues covertly to this day and is far from over unless stopped. In 2017 to 2018 we suffered a lot of Zimbabwean police harassment, beatings, unlawful incarcerations, frustrations and direct threats to human life. I personally had to abandon holding Mthwakazi festivals and calling public meetings fearing for the safety of my people, despite the fact that the meetings were always peaceful. It is my experience that threats from this government are seldom empty.

I am currently engaged in a very slow process of bringing the true architects of our troubles, the British, to table. The speed is affected by the continued display of colonial arrogance.

So, on behalf of my people of the Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi alias Matebeleland, I am humbly requesting for a sincere meeting with you Mr President, with a view of coming up with a lasting solution to this unfortunate situation which has its roots wholly bedded in colonialism. The people of Mthwakazi have a right to statehood and freedom as seen in the Royal Charter of the Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi, whose excerpts are hereby attached together with an Article from The New York Times of 1918. They also now have an authentic, wise and caring leader as shown in the same Charter, HRM King Mzilikazi II.

I would like to sincerely warn that if the strategy remains that of political correctness with the Zimbabwean government or that of instilling fear to my people of Mthwakazi, I am genuinely afraid, it would appear to me, that you still have many more of my people to burn alive. My statement is not born of any arrogance, but considering the two evils, they will consider yours as at least tolerable. The reality is, you are dealing with a people without a state.

And if your approach to corruption and governance is truly that of ruthless justice as viewed from a distance, I am confident that you and l will meet and resolve issues. After all we have a shared history, Ubuntu and African wisdom on our side. On our part as Mthwakazi, we have demonstrated our commitment to peace even at the expense of our own lives.

God bless Mr President.

Autographed and acknowledged on this 12th day of April 2022 in Bulawayo.

His Royal Majesty King Mzilikazi II
The Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi