Police Arrest Serial Armed Robber
25 April 2022
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By- Police in Harare have arrested a 37-year-old suspected lone armed robber who shot and killed a Waterfalls woman during an armed robbery before committing a spate of other criminal cases has been arrested in Chitungwiza.

The notorious armed robbery suspect Aaron Fransisco Machona (37) committed a series of armed robbery cases in Harare from December 2021 to April 2022.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrest.
“The suspect would operate alone while targeting cash or electrical accessories and would fire to subdue identified victims. On 9th December 2021 at about 0200 hours, the suspect stormed a house in Uplands Waterfalls, Harare and captured two complainants while armed with a pistol and wearing a balaclava. He stole property worth US$4 160 and drove away in the complainant’s silver BMW 318 vehicle (ACW 4417).
“On 30th January 2022, the suspect invaded another home along Ruwa Avenue Waterfalls, Harare where he attacked a couple whom he threatened to shoot with a pistol before he fired one shot into the roof. The suspect later ran away after noticing some light rays filtering through the room before stealing anything,” he said.
On March 9, 2022, the suspect who was armed with an unidentified pistol while covering his face with a balaclava, stormed another house in Uplands Waterfalls, Harare through an unlocked door and attacked three occupants while demanding cash.

The complainants surrendered US$60, Itel 16 and Huawei cellphones, however the suspect kept on demanding for more cash while assaulting one of the complainants aged 78 all over the body with a stick.
One of the victims Jubilee Utsiwegota (30) tried to stop the suspect resulting in Machona drawing a pistol before shooting her once on the head. Utsiwegota died instantly.
“On 13th April 2022, the suspect broke into a house in Uplands Waterfalls, Harare and tortured three complainants while armed with a pistol and wearing a balaclava. The suspect stole property worth US$ 1 302 and left the complainants locked up in a wardrobe.
“On 22nd April 2022, Police detectives spotted Machona’s silver Toyota Runx vehicle (AFD 6503) and pursued him resulting in a high speed chase. The suspect was eventually arrested at Chigovanyika St Mary’s, Chitungwiza,” Asst Comm Nyathi said.
Police searched the suspect’s house in Unit C Chitungwiza and recovered a CZ P-10 pistol with a magazine of one round, Samsung cellphone, four purses, three plastic flippers used to open windows, catapult, screwdriver, Hp laptop, Mobicel laptop, Compaq black laptop, black satchel and black laptop bag.
Police investigations have revealed that the CZ P-10 pistol was stolen by means of theft from a motor vehicle in Kadoma on November 25, 2021 and the recovered Samsung cellphone was stolen by means of robbery in Uplands Waterfalls, Harare on April 13, 2022.

Machona had acquired a stand and built a three roomed house in Chitungwiza, bought a vehicle and paid US$10 000 lobola for his wife through the proceeds of armed robbery cases.