Zanu PF speaks On Chamisa Congress Infiltration Plans
25 April 2022
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By- Zanu PF has responded to allegations that the ruling party was planning to infiltrate the opposition CCC structure should the latter hold an elective congress.

The party’s director of communications Tafadzwa Mugwadi said that claims by CCC that the ruling party plans to infiltrate the opposition party’s elective congress showed that Zanu PF was ubiquitous.

This comes after CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba recently claimed that CCC had no plans of holding a congress as Zanu PF plotted to infiltrate their movement. 

Siziba was quoted as saying:

Let me clear this once and for all, some people are motivated by Zanu PF, to imagine and think that we are going for a congress.

Look we are a new political organisation, we do not hold congresses and we have no intention to hold a congress.

In CCC, the congress does not exist… it is in the headquarters of Zanu PF and CIO, who in their imagination think we are going to have a congress and they can deploy their people.

Mugwadi said CCC leaders are confused and paranoid, a legacy of their days at the helm of the MDC Alliance. Said Mugwadi:

Are they suggesting that with that claim they are also Zanu PF? Zanu PF will be glad to hear that the organisation which claims to be the biggest opposition is now claiming that it has Zanu PF membership within it.

But most importantly, it is their fear of leadership acrimony which continues to dog the organisation, the leadership acrimony which they carried from their old party MDC. They are clueless.

They don’t have a constitution, and they claim that the citizens are the structures, but surprisingly they carry the titles which they had when they were in the MDC Alliance.

Ironically, some political commentators with links to Zanu PF argue that CCC should hold a congress before the 2023 general elections.

Exiled former Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo dismissed CCC’s fears of infiltration. Moyo tweeted:

The CCC is saying no vacancies and no congress of any kind. CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation) wants to infiltrate us; maybe a people’s convention, get the nomenclature right.

But a citizen’s convention is better nomenclature. Wait, CIO can only infiltrate a congress; not a convention since it’s American, right.

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