He Stripped Me Naked
26 April 2022
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A HARARE man stripped his wife in public as a way of settling a property dispute.
The matter came to light after Pantience Bekerwa appeared before the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against her husband Norest Nyakutanda.

Pantience told the court she was being abused by her husband who even stripped her in public

“This man is abusing me both physically and emotionally, he has a tendency of stripping me in public.

“He treats me like crap at my own house and to make matters worse the property he is claiming is mine.

“I bought it with my own money.”

However, Norest claimed his wife was lying before the court so that she could gain sympathy from the judge, at the expense of justice.

“I am the one who is suffering at the hands of this woman.

“She stole my property and left me with an empty house.

“Now, I don’t even have even a blanket to cover myself during the night, I sleep on cardboards yet I once had blankets,” he said.

Magistrate Tamara Chibindi granted the protection order in favour of Pantience and advised both parties to maintain peace while solving their challenges. H Metro