Harare City Council Boss Caught In Stinking Land Scam
27 April 2022
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By A Correspondent

A senior city of Harare employee is accused of corruptly distributing land to desperate residents, swindling the local authority of thousands of dollars in the process.

Following a letter we published on the 12th of March titled: “https://www.zimeye.net/2022/03/12/exposed-city-council-boss-corruptly-distributing-land-via-own-ben-10/ “ Our journalists managed to investigate into the tip and it all came out as had been stated.

Principal town planner Miss Rita Chipo Barbara Mugocha (45) is indeed involved in the corrupt parcelling out of land through her part time live-in boyfriend and Ben 10 one Kudzai Elton Mawondo (33).

On the 13th of December, Mawondo approached Mugocha with information that his boss, Kuziva Mamvura had alerted him that they as City Council Of Harare had stated that there is available land along Samora Machel.

Mugocha, over the phone, admitted that indeed the land was available but she needed her money first for deposit to institute action into processing the land for them.

She gave a figure 1500USD and stated that her cut from the deal was 10 percent which meant she would get 150USD.

Kudzai Mawondo then further went on to connive with her to put the figure at 2500USD so that in the event the boss was to negotiate they would end up settling at 2200USD as the last figure.

He enquired if it was achievable and she assured him as long she got her cut that was attainable.Before closing the deal she then asked what percentage she was getting from the extra mark up to which he offered 30 percent and she declared she wanted 40percent from the 1000USD that was the extra mark up.

The two lovebirds later settled for 35 percent and Mawondo went on to inform his boss.

There seemed to be a misunderstanding as Mugocha was not willing to engage “a surveyor “ unless she had received her share and Mawondo then assured her that she would be handed the money at the site directly and he was not being given the money first in such a way that she would assume he would con her over the deal.

With corroborating chats that followed; Mawondo then tried to have the exact location of the said land and Mugocha refused to budge wanting her money first as Mawondo had conned her in the past in other deals and also on a personal level.In her exact words she highlighted “Pay me first and the work will be done, you will appreciate you have conned me in our business deals before and twice on a personal level, I would be anything but naive to trust you now” Mawondo assured her he had changed and likened himself to Paul who was once a glorified sinner as Saul.When he then went to her office at Cleveland land and contacted her after he found her office closed she then informed him she was home down with COVID and he could gladly drop the money at her house.

There seemed to be tensions until Mawondo gave in to giving her 800USD and him taking home 200USD from the extra mark up.

On the 30th of December 2021 the two lovebirds proceeded to inform each other of another meeting the Boss Kuziva Mamvura had instituted at his offices and there lay another 750USD that Mugocha was to collect.Mawondo informed her to prepare so they could go together to which she responded she was already heading out to town.

Mawondo felt betrayed as the point person between this deal but she assured him she wasn’t going to leave him out.The two then liased to meet at Chance shops.

The meeting went ahead as planned and money exchanged hands and the two congratulated each other on a job well done of their illicit deals and Mawondo concerned ; urged his sugar mama to put snuff “bute” on the money so they could do something meaningful on all these transactions and it wouldn’t waste away.

She then assured him that now the buck lay on pushing her paperwork as principal town planner and all they had to do was wait.For a job that would normally require 3 months she assured as the “Boss” at Council she would have it done in 3 weeks.

These transactions carried on until 2 stands were specifically created for Kuziva Mamvura and ZimEye.com has all the evidence to cement this.

As corruption is a deep root and a lot of names were dropped in the conversations
Who is Conrad? How deep also is the District Surveyor implicated in this?Have investigations been instituted or COH is covering up for Mugocha?How many deals of this sort has she done and gotten away with yet trusted with the public to hold such an office.

We will be proceeding with airing live some of the conversations and audios.

Both Mugocha and Mawondo were not immediately available to give their side of the story pertaining to the allegations.

Rita Chipo Barbara Mugocha