Malema Praised For Confronting Mnangagwa Over Zim Crisis
30 April 2022
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Victory is certain with participatory democracy !CCC Namibia applauds EFF leader.

28 April 2022

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia salutes EFF leader President Julius Malema for his clarity and Pan-African stance on Zimbabweans residing in South Africa.

We applaud the plausible revolutionary message from the Pan Africanist who made it clear to Zimbabweans in SA that they should feel at home but when the election season comes, all were encouraged to go and vote for change in the motherland.

Namibia district absolutely agrees with EFF President on the issue of voter registration and voting in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans in South must pay heed to the audible call to participate in the national discourse. In as much as we feel at home in our host countries across the globe, we should not forget why we are in the diaspora. The fact remains that the diasporas must register in their numbers whilst fighting for the Diaspora Vote.

Diaspora vote is a non- negotiable right although ZanuPF fears that they will be humiliated by political and economic refugees hosted in Africa,America, Europe and Asia.

Thank you EFF for the solidarity with the poverty-stricken masses of Zimbabwe who are enduring all sorts of wild conditions in the diaspora.

We need to embrace the 2022 Citizens’Action for Change where all and sundry are urged to do something for the change that delivers.

Removing ZanuPF from ill-gotten power in 2018 is now imperative to all progressive citizens.

It is quite pathetic to have ZanuPF supporters,members and enablers languishing in abject poverty residing in the diaspora. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia encourages all Zimbabweans to unite against gross misgovernance and unprecedented corruption in the motherland.

To wind up, citizens living in the diaspora should register to vote for change, vote for change and defend the vote in 2023. President Malema made this significant revolutionary call timeously. We are greatly inspired by his zeal to see a New Great Zimbabwe under the able leadership of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Lets give moral, material and financial support to our foot soldiers during this election season. Victory is certain with participatory democracy.



Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya