MRP Confronts Mnangagwa’s Envoy Over Extermination Threats | FULL TEXT
4 May 2022
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Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP)

MRP leadership engages Zimbabwean Embassy Ambassador HE David Hamadziripi

Yesterday Mthwakazi Republic Party had a fruitful meeting that was held in Pretoria South Africa at the Zimbabwean Embassy.

The meeting was an initiative by MRP to engage the government of Zimbabwe through its Ambassador to SA, HE David Hamadziripi.
Despite recent political threats by the President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa to shorten the lives of the Mthwakazi people on their activism on issues relating to Mthwakazi People, the revolutionary party continues on its undying mandate to see justice delivered fairly and with assurances for the people of the western part of Zimbabwe withstanding terminal extinction in the hands of the Zimbabwean government.

The meeting was given a warm comradely welcome by Ambassador Hamadziripi as a way of diplomatic engagements to pursue a lasting solution, especially on matters of the dire plight of the people of Matabeleland and Midlands currently faced with a second Genocide now in the hands of angry and frustrated South Africans. All this is due to the destructive elements of Zimbabwe’s policies of nation-building founded on systematic tribalism and segregation that has pushed our people out of their homeland to foreign lands.

With statistical data proving over 4 million Zimbabweans living in SA and abroad, close to 3 Million of those may be of Mthwakazi origin whose plight started in the early stages of independence where a divide and rule by conquest strategy was administered as a rule book and governance policy against the unitary philosophy of Dr. Joshua Nkomo who believed in equality and nation-building outside of tribal orientations, race or creed.
The most satanic document, the 1979 Grand plan authored by the likes of Shamuyarira ushered in a severe annihilation through the genocide of our people on ethnic lines and further displacing them to foreign lands.

These and others formed part of the premises of engagement at the embassy to move beyond talk and find a solution for the millions who may end up dying in the hands of the South Africans under our watch.

The team comprising the National executive Velile D Moyo MRP Spokespersons, Alpheus Fuyana Foreign Affairs Secretary, and the SA chatter leaders Bheki Ndhlovu and his able team highlighted many issues especially that pertain to the welfare of our people in SA, their continued stay, future repatriations and the assurances of ethical standards and dignity when they return home.j

It is these and other important diplomatic arrangements that were agreed on to save lives and provide immediate help to ensure that our people living in SA may not face similar elements in the future as SA continues to be agitating against foreigners, especially Zimbabweans.

It is the leadership that MRP will continue to provide and escalate engagements not only with Zimbabwe but with SA as well through other Mthwakazi – SA engagement platforms to reduce and minimize the damage that this great SA problem may be posing to the future welfare of Mthwakazi.

We want to assure all Mthwakazi people that as MRP we will do all we can to safeguard our welfare and that of generations to come. We are not just in politics but we are in a struggle for a better tomorrow where Justice Peace and prosperity are the hallmarks of the Nation.

For all those in SA seeking immediate help to remain documented or may seek repatriations, MRP will avail channels soon.

We encourage our people to seek peace among South Africans and desist from provocative and vengeful statements on social media and seek immediate solutions to save their lives while still in SA.

MRP leadership also as a matter of priority, quizzed the Ambassador on the previous 2020 and 2021 submissions to the Embassy by Mthwakazi and various stakeholders that were held under public protests. An understanding was reached and, it is on these and other issues political and pressing that we will still pursue through supplementary engagements and government lobbying for clarity.

We as MRP have vowed not to accept and bow down to threats but will use all possible channels to lobby the government of Zimbabwe and bring recourse to salvage an already collapsing Mthwakazi nation as this is a matter of life and death.

We call for cooperation and calm in the processes of diplomatic engagements while we seek our ultimate goal of self-determination and freedom from the oppressive state of Zimbabwe.

Currently, Mthwakazi people in SA in need of immediate help can contact the MRP department of information and publicity and that of the Foreign Affairs for facilitation through various provisions in place.

For Peace and Justice in our lifetime

Velile D Moyo

National Information and Publicity Secretary


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