Soldier Steals Groceries
4 May 2022
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By- A Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) member has been arrested for stealing groceries

Sihlzuluking Ndashata (32) appeared before magistrate Shane Kubonera, on charges of shoplifting

Ndashata was represented by Tafadzwa Masenda.

The complainant is Born Marche Supermarket, Chisipite, represented by Edmore Mukwindidza.
Allegations are that on April 29, this year at around 11am, Ndashata entered Borne Marche Supermarket in Chisipite and took a trolley and picked groceries.
He loaded goods worth $69 944,38 and left without paying. He was, however, caught by an alert security guard who asked for a receipt, but failed to produce them.
CCTV footage showed that this was not the first time that Ndashata had committed the offence.
He also did the same on April 17 and on April 28 at the same shop. The total value of the stolen goods is $209 883,17. Goods worth $69 944,38 were recovered. Newsday