Mutsvangwa Slams Incompetent Government Institutions
5 May 2022
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | At a time when Emmerson Mnangagwa continues to insist saying the country is being built by its own people, the opposite has emerged as alleged in ZANU PF press conference. Zanu PF Information Secretary Chris Mutsvangwa on Tuesday broke ranks with his leadership to criticise the govt institutions on how they are leaking forex reserves despite doubling exports.

Speaking during a party press conference in Harare on the 3rd May, 2022, Chris Mutsvangwa said: “We’ve doubled our export earnings in USDs yet our currency is weak, has this ever happened before? To fill up a house with kids but you can’t account for any of them…

“it’s …a financial and economic anomaly, that we are earning our USDs, yet we can’t find them in our purse.

“The more you put money in your purse, the more your purse gets empty of USD, something is wrong.” FULL LIVE VIDEO BELOW