Fire Razes Down Mbudzi Roundabout Shops
6 May 2022
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By-Fired has broken out at Mbudzi Roundabout leaving several shops destroyed with owners losing thousands of US dollars.

The last Friday morning fire, whose cause is suspected to be an electrical fault, is still under investigation.

To date, the entrepreneurs are still clearing the destroyed area.
One of the shop owners said: “I was informed that there was an electrical fault which occurred in the office which led to this disaster.
“I have lost several goods worth thousands and we are still counting the losses after the fire.”
Another shop-owner said: “I thank the other citizens who assisted, otherwise it could have been worse.
“We had left our money and everything but it’s now history.
“We are supposed to pay our rent, and some of our employees are expecting their monthly payments, I am in great pain,” he said.
The fire destroyed three blocks of sub-divided shops.
“No life was lost but several goods were reduced to ashes.
“The cause of the fire is still under investigation and we are still waiting for an official report from firemen,” said a manager at the complex. H Metro