Zanu PF Hooligans Attempt To Kill CCC Polling Agent
8 May 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| Citizens’ Coalition For Change (CCC) polling agent Justin Pitikanyi was heavily assaulted by known Zanu PF hooligans in Chitungwiza on Saturday.

Pitikanyi was at Tangenhamo Primary School Ward 7, Chitingwiza Command Centre.

ZANU-PF Youths came armed with irons bars, catapults, stones and bricks.

Polling agents were temporarily dispersed at the Command Centre.

Despite the attack CCC won the by-election in Chitungwiza.

CCC deputy chairperson, Hon Sikhala condemned Zanu PF brutality.

“Antics of losers. I am passing by Zengeza 5 Bar. A group of about 70 to 100 youths are on Yellow T-shirts in a plot to disrupt & attack polling stations during the counting period.

We know u are collaborating with this plot. We are on highest alert.

Losers are desperate here. They have attacked and left one of our polling agents for dead at Tangenhamo Polling station.

This is Justin Pitikane attacked by these dogs and reptiles,” Hon Sikhala wrote on Twitter.

“No amount of stupidity will make these stinking skunks win.

The people’s journalist
has been transferred to Harare Law and Order and we wonder why he has been arrested. This kind of oppression can not be tolerated in the 21st century.

He has been arrested together with another female journalist Chengeto Chidi.

Shame on u,” added Hon Sikhala.