Goblin Abuses Tsholotsho Woman For 22 Years
9 May 2022
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By-A 50-year-old woman from Mavava Line, Tsholotsho, is seeking spiritual deliverance from what she believes is a goblin that has tormented her day and night for 22 years.

Nonhlanhla Moyo told The Sunday News that the creature has been routinely sexually abusing her. She said:

I don’t have peace. The tikoloshe comes every night to sleep with me. If it doesn’t sleep with me, it makes sure I become tired and sleep during the day so it can do what it wants.

It started sleeping with me in 2000 while I was still living in Diepsloot, South Africa.

Every morning I would feel tired like someone who had been involved in sexual intercourse all night. I can’t see it but I can feel it every time.

Moyo said she had spent over R85 000 on traditional healers locally and in South Africa but she is still being harassed by the goblin.

She said in May 2000, she moved to Springs, Ekurhuleni, to live with a family member only for the situation to get worse.

Moyo said the invisible creature followed her wherever she went and would sleep with her all night. She said:

When I’m sleeping next to my boyfriend, the tikoloshe won’t bother me for three days, but after that, it will bother me even when I have company. I need serious help to get rid of this stubborn tikoloshe.

Moyo’s 28-year-old daughter, Taleny said she is afraid the goblin will move to her and molest her.