Is Ken Sharpe An Inspirational Millionaire Or A Crook?
10 May 2022
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Ken Sharpe’s page on Google is littered with inspirational quotes from the Bible and prominent preachers such as TD Jakes.

He presents himself as a hardworking person who has made it in life through an assortment of positive values and virtues.

The positive side of the man has some pretty inspirational narratives.
At 15 Sharpe set up a tuck-shop at his father’s mine from where he sold vegetables.

When he turned 18 Sharpe dropped out of school in the UK and returned to Zimbabwe so that he could go into business full time.

According to a media publication Sharpe cut is teeth in business in FMCG and beverage bottling resulting in the formation of a diversified group of companies.
Sharpe has since diversified into property and land development.

Recently he won the Forbes Best of Africa Innovative CEO of the Year Award, becoming the first Zimbabwean to do so.

The presented picture is a far cry from other alternative versions of the man.

The Dark Arts

The other side has a Sharpe who is facing a litany of charges before the Courts raging from money laundering, fraud and shoddy land dealings in Harare worthy nearly US$2 billion.
Sharpe’s former business partner George Katsimberis had strong words to describe the businessman.

The Harare land developer described Sharpe as a fraudster, crook and thief who is consistently defrauding people by engaging in shoddy deals while amassing thousands of hectares of prime Harare land.

“Kenneth Raydon Sharpe is a fraudster, crook and chief, he is trying to still from me using fraudulent means using corrupt City of Harare officials by claiming that i submitted my building plans to Mount Pleasant office while i submitted my building plans to Cleveland House for approval”.

“I make the point that Kenneth Raydon Sharpe is fraudster. He has permanently consistently been defrauding the people of Zimbabwe either in the form of the Government of Zimbabwe, local authorities, the residents in particular of Harare and business people like myself…” said Katsimberis.

Katsimberis made the remarks during cross examination by Harare lawyer Alec Muchadehama in a matter where suspended Harare City Town Clerk Hosia Chisango is facing perjury charges after he lied in a High Court affidavit that his then business partner did not have approved plans when he constructed a show house at Pokugara Estate.

Political Connections

One prominent characteristic of Sharpe’s alleged shoddy deals is that they are never tiny deals neither do they involve whimsical characters.

The man has political reach.
Sharpe is also accused of entering into a secret deed of settlement with the Government of Zimbabwe where he was given vast tracts of land in Pomona.

The deal has since been challenged by Harare North legislator Norman Markham.
The deal involves 273 hectares of prime land in Harare’s affluent area of Pomona. The land is worth US$205 million, but was allegedly undervalued to a mere US$20 million.

Court papers filed on March 10 show that after a series of litigations between the City of Harare and Sharpe’s Augur Investments, a secret Deed of Settlement was executed on May 28, 2018, at the behest of Local Government Minister July Moyo who also claimed he had Mnangagwa’s authority.

Herbert Gomba, the then mayor of Harare, signed for the local authority.

The deal allegedly gave Sharpe’s Augur Investments dubious and illegal immunity from litigation over disputed vast tracts of land he acquired through the Airport Road Construction project which itself was not completed.

Up to now, there is no evidence to suggest that Sharpe paid for the land he was given by Harare.

As the local authority was trying to regain the land through the courts, Moyo, representing himself and President Mnangagwa allegedly signed a secret deal offering Augur and its associated companies, directors and representatives immunity from past, present and future litigation over the land by the government, council or any third parties.

It’s a strange agreement with even more peculiar clauses which is a clear indication of corruption in highest offices.

Shoddy Land Deals

Lately Sharpe’s company, Sunshine Development Private Limited, in a joint venture partnership with Harare City Council, has approached the High Court seeking to evict current leaseholders of Warren Hills Golf Club as it seeks convert the recreational facility into residential houses.

According to a High Court application filed by Sunshine Developments which is 70 percent controlled by Sharpe, City of Harare who had a lease with Warren Hills Golf Club are no-longer the owners of the 80 hectare recreational facility as it was transferred to the joint venture company.

The deal has drawn the anger of many residents who have fought it leading to Harare Council denying any plans to remove the golf club to create residential and industrial stands.

Sharpe has also been accused of working with Former Minister Ignatius Chombo and former council caretaker chairperson Michael Mahachi to pull-off what was described as the biggest land heist in 63 days.

The trio allegedly connived to have Mahachi identify land which Chombo approved for Sharpe’s takeover. Resultantly, council lost land worth over US$2 billion.

“It remains disturbing to note that the Minister (Dr Chombo) would identify pieces of land in the City, influence Council Officials to apply to him (Chombo) for Change of land use, and then sit over the same applications and approve the changes.

“He would then write to Council officials asking to buy the same stands and obviously get them. Land reserved for recreational activities would end up having Title Deeds in his company’s name.

“A case in point is Stand 61 Hellensvale Harare, measuring almost 20 hectares. According to the Advice of Payment the Minister paid $2 300 for this stand,” reads a special Harare council report report.

For someone of supposedly humble beginnings and inspirational rise in business, Sharpe has too many court cases against him.

SOURCE: Open Parly