ZINASU Statement On National Shutdown
11 May 2022
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The Zimbabwe National Students Union would like to congratulate the masses of the students for standing up and marking the ground, and proving to the world that we will never fold our hands when the regime is deploying taliban policies which seeks to eliminate our right to education.

We also want to applaud all the progressive forces who poured solidarity in our struggle for affordable education It was clear to all that the regime panicked and its reactionary behaviour manifested through the deployment of state security agencies throughout the streets.

All the State Institutions in the country were manned by police and army vehicles as if the security agencies want to enrol. The main objective was to close all the state institutions and this is what happened all tertiary institutions were on a sabbatical.

The state has temporarily declared war against the students its clear to all that on the 9th May 2022 the state declared a state of emergency against harmless students who are just demanding quality and affordable education, this will not deter our fighting spirit. This is just the beginning of our action this is a campaign and it is still in motion.