FULL TEXT- Mthwakazi’s Fresh Demands
13 May 2022
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12th May 2022

The President and the Government of Zimbabwe; Hon. E.D. Mnangagwa

Through: The Zimbabwean Embassy



WHERE AS Matabeleland alias the Royal Mthwakazi Kingdom was an independent kingdom until her “conquest by the British South Africa Company (BSA Co.) on 4 November 1893” of behalf of the British Empire, resulting with our being subjected to 129 years of repression to date, and

WHERE AS the British Crown did grant the “Royal Charter of Incorporation to the BSA Co. on 29th October 1889.” and conferred to the BSA Co. all the powers of a government on all lands north of the Limpopo River, and

WHERE AS after the conquest of the Kingdom of Mthwakazi on 4th November 1893 Her Majesty’s government did legalize the contraband deal of the BSA Co. known as the “Victoria Agreement’ of 14th August 1893” in which the perpetrators connived to displace all our indigenous people from the habitable lands and to loot over half a million of the royal herd once Matabeleland had been conquered. And this, notwithstanding that Her Majesty’s government was fully aware that the Kingdom of Mthwakazi was a signatory to the Moffat Treaty of Peace and Unity (Between the Great White Queen of England and the Mighty Elephant of Matabeleland) signed by King Lobengula and Rev. Robert Moffat on behalf of Queen Victoria on 11 February 1888, and that the Respondent was also fully aware that both signatories were sovereign kingdoms and had legal obligations to respect their commitments to this Treaty, and

WHERE AS Her Majesty’s government legalized the criminal contract of the BSA Co. with its pioneers, through promulgating the “Matabeleland Order-in-Council of 18th July 1894” an act which usurped our sovereignty and formed the basis of conferring the jurisdiction to the BSA Co. to rule us, in Matabeleland by conquest, and

WHERE AS our ancestors through the Royal Council of Matabeleland did send Prince Nyamande to challenge the BSA Co.’s rule by conquest in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on 19 July 1918 at which the ruling that: “The Ndebele Sovereignty had been broken up and replaced by a new, better system as defined by the Matabeleland Order- in-Council of 1894” was made resulting with our continued repression, and

WHERE AS Her Majesty’s government did replace the BSA Co. rule as a result of the said verdict, with the white supremacy rule through the “1923 Constitution of Southern Rhodesia” and conferred to them the powers of executing the Matabeleland Order-in-Council, resulting with the continuation of racial domination over Matabeleland while reserving exclusive privileges for the white people in a manner that prejudiced our life for a duration of 87 years, and

WHERE AS Her Majesty’s government did replace the white supremacy rule with a Zimbabwean Shona Majority rule in 1980 and conferred them with the powers of executing the Matabeleland Order-in-Council through “The Zimbabwe Constitution Order 1980 (S.I. 1980/390 of the United Kingdom) made 19th March 1980” which perpetrated tribal domination over Mthwakazi, while reserving exclusive privileges to Mashonaland through majority rule, in a manner which prejudiced our life for a duration of 42 years to date, bringing the total duration of the rule by conquest to 129 years, and

WHERE AS in August 2019 a Deed of Trust (The King Mzilikazi Royal Trust) was duly registered in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe RE: MA 000335, Protocol No: 22/19, whose registered aim is to seek to hold in trust, oversee, sustain, and preserve the Mthwakazi Nationhood and hold in trust the Royal Monarch Institution with its Traditional structures, land, resources, cultures and languages of the Ndebele State as at 1893, and

WHERE AS the number one objective (4a) of said trust deed is to re-establish and sustain the Mthwakazi Nationhood, and

WHERE AS the beneficiaries of this trust deed are the descendants of the Ndebele State prior to 1893, and

WHERE AS on 26th March 2020, a Resolution was taken by the trustees of the said Trust Deed to: cede and transfer trust and ownership of The King Mzilikazi Royal Trust to the Founder, Stanley Raphael Khumalo and fully endorsing him as His Royal Majesty King Mzilikazi II of the Kingdom of Mthwakazi/ Ndebele State, in accordance with the aims and objectives of the trust, and

NOW THAT His Royal Majesty King Mzilikazi II, as Sovereign Ruler of The Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi, having ascended to the throne and assumed all the authority to rule the Kingdom of Mthwakazi, has issued/ created/ promulgated the Royal Charter of the Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi as an instrument to revive and restore the Kingdom.

Section 6 of the Royal Charter of the Kingdom of Mthwakazi states as follows:


The King hereby assumes the following authority and powers to execute the obligations for the revival of the Kingdom

a) The King shall be the Commander in Chief of the Kingdom.

b) The King shall be the Custodian of the Kingdom’s land, resources, minerals, assets and intellectual property of the Kingdom.

c) The King shall be the authority on all foreign relations, negotiations, agreements and engagements with other international nations including the host nations which are currently in control of territory which belongs to the Kingdom.

e) The King shall initiate developmental processes that will re-establish the Kingdom as an economic block ready for international trade and to create a modern high tech economy unrivalled in modern era.

f) The King shall ratify, recognize, recommend or adopt agreements, covenants and affiliations with other foreign nations, international organizations and voluntary organizations that were entered into by King Mzilikazi, King Lobengula and/or King Mzilikazi ll to the extent that such agreements are authentic and verified and are not products of fraud or were not revoked.

g) The King shall receive, host, correspond to and receive correspondence from any envoy, dignitary, ambassador and/or representative from any organization or nation for purposes of the revival of the Kingdom.

h) The King shall have the duty to record, archive or collect any material for the purpose of documenting the genesis and revival of the Kingdom.

NOW THEREFORE: In accordance to the powers above and in line with Section 3 of The Royal Charter, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY KING MZILIKAZI II hereby declares the following as stated in Section3 of the Charter:


In the quest to revive the Kingdom, HRM King Mzilikazi II and with the powers vested in me as the Sovereign Ruler of the Kingdom I hereby declare the following:

3.1) The Kingdom shall comprise of all the land that was amassed by King Mzilikazi as captured in E.A. Maund map annexed as MAP 1 and corroborated by Map 2 and Map 3.

3.2) The capital of the Kingdom shall be Mhlahlandlela located south west of the City of Bulawayo.

3.3) Bulawayo City shall be the administrative capital of the Kingdom 

3.4) The land between Limpopo River and the Zambezi River which largely runs along the modern day Zimbabwe shall be the nucleus of the Kingdom.

3.5) It shall be the aim and objective of the King to secure the existence of the capital, administrative capital and the nucleus of the Kingdom so as to establish the core of the Kingdom


The Kingdom is hereby revived using its territorial borders of 1890 as captured on the map drawn by E.A. Maund. H.R.M King Mzilikazi II being the legitimate heir to the throne has assumed control of the Kingdom with all authority of the Sovereign Ruler of the Royal Mthwakazi Kingdom.

3.7) THE LAND.

In the event some of the territory/ land incorporated or not incorporated in the above mentioned map are not incorporated on the future date when the Kingdom is formally declared a nation, it shall be the obligation/ duty of the King, his successors and all the people of the Kingdom and the future generations to work to have those territories/ land to be incorporated in the revived Kingdom. In other words: “Mthwakazi Kingdom shall consist/ comprise of all the land that immediately before 1890 comprised the Mthwakazi Kingdom together with such additional land as may from time to time be declared to form part of Mthwakazi Kingdom in accordance with international law.”

3.8) The King shall endeavour to settle all issues or disputes over the land with any other country, internationally acquired land or any privately owned land with the aim that such land be returned to the Kingdom. In other words: “Mthwakazi Kingdom owns all land that belonged to it prior to 1890. Any government, private entity or persons who acquired such land from third parties or colonial processes shall be asked to cede the land to the Kingdom.

3.9) The claim to the land of the Kingdom and its people shall be executed in a three phase method due to the complications and intricacies caused by modern day boundaries which scattered the Kingdom territory into several countries in the sub region.

a] The Kingdom is primarily claimed between the Zambezi to Limpopo rivers along the boundaries of the modern state of the Republic of Zimbabwe which contain the Kingdom capital city of Mhlahlandlela as well the administrative capital city of Bulawayo both of which are in South Western Zimbabwe.

b] The claim of the land of the Kingdom also includes the restoration of Crown lands and Royal lands where palaces and royal kraals were located. These lands include Mhlahlandlela, Old Bulawayo and Bulawayo. The Royal State lands used for grazing the King’s cattle, namely Nuanetsi Ranch, the Fort Rixon- Shangani Ranch and the Nyamandlovu Ranch shall be restored to their original ownership and purpose.

c] The claim of the land of the Kingdom shall also include the restoration of lands to the people who were displaced from it by colonial processes since 1890 to date and this process shall be carried out throughout the Kingdom including the towns and cities in order to achieve equitableness. Each area shall retain and reflect its original people and cultural identity in order to avoid covert displacements, cultural shocks, current and future discontentment because of history. This shall restore a fresh sense of belonging, ownership and responsibility which shall in-turn revive local investor and developer confidence; and good governance. It shall also assist in future plans for District and Kingdom alike. However, Kingdom economic as well as development plans shall always take first precedence.   



  1. His Royal Mzilikazi II shall be leading a peaceful, but Massive Crusade of his people who are suffering in South Africa, back to their home country of Mthwakazi.
  2. The Crusade shall start from Johannesburg in South Africa on 28th May 2022 and arriving in Bulawayo, ko Mthwakazi the following day on 29th May 2022.
  3. His Majesty shall address the nation in the newly revived, free and independent State of Mthwakazi on the same day, the 29th of May 2022.
  4. His Royal Majesty shall thereafter move into the State House in Bulawayo on the same day as his Official Residence and begin to rule over his kingdom as stated above.
  5. While Mashonaland is wholly a part of the Matebele Kingdom, there shall be recognised an independent state or country of Mashonaland (presently under the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe) with the full powers of self-government.
  6. The territory ten (10) kilometres east of the Jameson line as described, which territory is legally a part of the Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi, shall become the boundary of the independent state of Mashonaland alias Zimbabwe.
  7. All the citizens of Mashonaland currently residing in any part of the Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi shall be expected to return to their home country of Mashonaland in order to make way for the estimated millions of Mthwakazi people who are currently trapped in the Diaspora.
  8. This is to achieve the following: a) help prevent future disgruntlements and cultural discontents; b) allow the original descendants of Mthwakazi, who have been marginalized for more than a century and a quarter, space and chance to develop and to at least catch with the rest of the region, c) as much as possible correct the wrongs and prejudices of the past
  9. The settlement known as the Battlefields, which is east of Sanyathi river, east of the town of Kwekwe shall be developed into becoming the Kingdom’s main border town between the Kingdom and Mashonaland.

Please note Mr President: The Ndebele people are not unaware of your brutality and your lack of respect for Ndebele life, together with your government, your security personnel and always with the help the quiet diplomacy of the British government. However, to their king who is also the Father as well as custodian of these Great People and kingdom, each and every life matters, no matter their sins. Hence the king is here to take his people back home, no longer to die in the hands of the Zimbabwean government and South African citizens.

The crusade, which involves other countries as well, should be over within six months. We therefore request yourselves as well as Britain to notify the whole international community of this development. This is government’s responsibility. I have made an official demand to the British government to pay back some of what they owe the Kingdom of Mthwakazi so that we may be able to kick start our economy which they ruthlessly vandalised and looted.

You are Mr President personally accountable and responsible for my safety and security as well that of all my people and kingdom; together with your government, your security apparatus, the British government and the United Nations, which is by definition; the whole international community. We are therefore anticipating no resistance in this whole exercise because you have no moral nor justifiable reason whatsoever to put up any form of resistance.

This letter shall be delivered to other governments through their embassies, together with its attachment entitled: THE BRITISH AND SHONA GRAND PLAN AND THE MATABELELAND GENOCIDE OF THE 1980S CODED GUKURAHUNDI.

Autographed and acknowledged on this 12th Day of May, 2022 in Johannesburg, RSA.

His Royal Majesty King Mzilikazi II

The Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi