Govt Says Sorry For Removing Joshua Nkomo Shield
13 May 2022
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has apologised for removing the artisitic Joshua Nkomo logo at the airport in Bulawayo.

In a statement, Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Felix Mhona said Government has already gone to tender for the production of the new signage.

“The ministry regrets the hasty removal of the signage at JM Nkomo International Airport without notifying all stakeholders.
“The ministry takes pleasure in informing all stakeholders that we have already gone to tender for new signage that incorporates all stakeholder concerns. Wider consultations are ongoing on the best signage which will factor in regional sentiments and desires,” he said, responding to criticism from far and wide.

Broadcast journo Ezra Sibanda, among others said:

The new ugly signage

The removal of the Shield/IHAWU from Joshua Nkomo International Airport on the 5th of May 2022 by workmen, allegedly on orders from their superiors in Harare has angered many people. In its place, a new design of the airport signage with colours of the Zimbabwe flag and the coat of arms went up. This was unnecessary at all and no reasons have been given. Zimbabweans need some mechanism to deal with past injustices and atrocities and the removal of this emblem and replaced by a government court of arms insignia rekindle the bad events which happened in the past.

The government should reconsider its decision and erect and put back iHawu at JMN Airport. The emblem is a cultural symbol for the Nguni people, the Matabeleland people. Those who ordered the removal of the symbol should know culture shapes our identity and influences our behaviours, and cultural diversity makes us accept, and even to some extent, integrate and assimilate with other cultures. The people who ordered the removal should know cultural diversity has become very important in today’s world, our chances of interacting with people from various races, ethnic groups and cultures is far greater now than it has been ever before.

If you put aside any prejudices or biases you might have and you are open to other people, it can help prepare you to listen, talk and learn about other people and their cultures. Diversity is not only important for adults, but children should be learning about different cultures too so removing iHawu what are you teaching Zimbabwean young ones especially those who live in diverse cities and towns? It is extremely important for adults to teach kids to be accepting of different cultures because if children are not taught, then they become more close-minded, so do the right thing. The Government of Zimbabwe should force the Emblem to be put back and demand answers on why it was removed. Respect Father Zimbabwe, Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo. He is the founding father of our great nation!