Olinda Chapel Mocks Mai Titi
14 May 2022
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By A Correspondent- Socialite Olinda Chapel has torched a social media storm after commenting on comedienne Felistas “Mai Titi” Maphosa’s marriage which she said was crumbling before the newly weds have finished settling debts incurred from their lavish wedding.

Mai Titi got married to husband Tinashe Maphosa at Royal Gates in Chisipite, Harare where the couple splashed US$100K on a ceremony graced by South African songbird, actress and dancer, Kelly Khumalo.

The social media has been awash with claims that Maphosa had commented and showed that he “liked” another socialite Joey Tinae Nyikadzino allegations which Nyikadzino said were baseless.

Mai Titi and Joey Nyikadzino

Chapel however waded into the drama posting on facebook:

Merechi yatopera apa zvikwereti zvemuchato usati wapedza kubhadhara .Ndopaunoona kuti life yevamwe vanhu yakatokundwa kubalancer ne cake repa Muchato😂😂😂😂😂

In a related development, Mai TT confronted her husband on Live about some social media chats which the latter allegedly had with Chapel.

This follows allegations by Chapel that Mai Titi’s husband had been in her DMs since 2019 to 2021.

Olinda also said she still has the chats.

Responding to Olinda’s claims, Mai TT said:

At least he is your age, why don’t you go ahead and marry him instead of marrying your son.

Mai TT has also been Live on Facebook responding to the allegations.

Maphosa refuted the allegation saying Olinda is lying.

Mai TT then challenged Olinda to bring out the chats in question so that she can read them as well.

Olinda later responded to Mai TT saying:

You did a live a few weeks back saying my husband aikuda and you went on and on. So today what’s hurting you sis ? Now that I have shown your man has been in my SINCE 2019 until 2021 ? If you are willing to dish it be willing to take it back

Hazvidi vane BP.