Citizens Need To Be Rescued From Zanu PF Oppression
16 May 2022
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Remember the Oppressed!

By Gift Ostallos Siziba

Our struggle is against a historically evolved system of oppression, that holds our people in bondage, for the benefit of a small minority( that is the capitalist minority and the reactionary forces of the middle class)
That is what we are up against!

Our task is to create a society that works for the many, not the few.

To have a society that provides a conducive environment for the poor to thrive.

A society where talent and skill pays and not connections and privilege.

A society that places the citizen back at the centre of decision making.

Now that society requires a committed, genuine and authentic leadership.

It needs reformers, doers and selfless compatriots motivated by the agenda to see genuine change in our country.

Our people have suffered far too long.

I have no doubt in my mind that President Nelson Chamisa has passed the test of such leadership.

Now the task in our shoulders is to build such leadership qualities and culture from below.

Happy weekend fellow countrymen.