Ken Sharpe’s Aide Fails to Prove Case In Court
23 May 2022
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By A Correspondent| Controversial Pokugara properties proprietor Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s aide Michael John Van Blerk who is chief witness into alleged fraud trial of property developer George Katsimberis was at sixes and sevens during cross examination.

Katsimberis is embroiled in a legal battle with Sharpe following a botched joint venture agreement in which the latter controversially pulled out.

Responding to a question from defence counsel Advocate Tawanda Kanengoni on whether Katsimberis signed an agreement with Pokugara Properties on his own behalf or as his company representative, Van Blerk was continuously evasive contradicting to what is contained in the joint venture agreement.

“I don’t know the legal structure but from a lay man’s perspective all I can say is the initial agreement was signed between Mr Sharpe and Mr Katsimberis nominating and representing companies to be nominated…” said Van Blerk

After grilling from Kanengoni on the parties to the agreement Van Blerk became slippery saying the agreement is not on trial.

“Due to the developments it has changed its names…. Counselor, sorry your worship I am being confused because the agreement is not on trial, the agreement did not commit fraud,” he charged “The agreement is crucial but it is not where fraud was perpetrated”

He later admitted that the legal basis of the relationship between Pokugara Properties and Katsimberis arose from the joint venture agreement.

Pressed to elaborate on some issues of the joint venture, the flip flopping Van Blerk resorted to saying he was not qualified to respond as he was only an accountant not a lawyer.

The court would adjourn for lunch and resumed not without drama that left the gallery in stitches.

Van Blerk alleged that Katsimberis who was standing in the dock had been laughing at him an allegation that was refuted by Magistrate Wongai Guwuriro Muchuchuti as Katsimberis was putting on a mask.

Trial was remanded to the 6th of June 2022 for continuation of cross examination.