Mwonzora Accused Of Plotting To Rig Congress
25 May 2022
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National Council demanded RESHUFFLE of certain offices in the Standing Committee never to add more positions.

Many offices which were added in the Standing Committee are a RIGGING TEAM.
Why would a normal Leader create Extra position when we are going for Ordinary Congress in a month’s time.

This is pure rigging of the Ordinary Congress.

Mwonzora is seeking a False Mandate by bringing non delegates to the CONGRESS.
At the Extra Ordinary Congress he brought fake delegates that is why we had kids of 14 yrs at the Congress contrary to the legal position which wanted 2014 structures.

This Rigging tactic we used I can confirm I was part of Mwonzora team which rigged for him.

God has punished Mwonzora for rigging the Extra Ordinary Congress, the PUBLIC has totally rejected him.

Mwonzora should have learned that he can’t cheat God.

The By-elections Results were a clear voice from the Midzimu yeNyika and God.

Mwonzora can’t rig the the public.

Mwonzora should just resign and let someone take the party forward.

MDCt has the future under a new leader.

Under Mwonzora MDCt is totally dead.

People both internal and external of MDCT have rejected Mwonzora.

Majority of MDCT supporters no longer want Mwonzora as their Leader.

Mwonzora has totally failed both as leader and manager.

Come Ordinary Congress all MDCt supporters must vote for the New Leader

Rhoda Gumana
Masvingo Province.