Bartlett’s Partner Reveals Intimate Details Of His Last Moments
26 May 2022
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South Africans are still coming to terms with the untimely passing of legendary actor Jamie Bartlett, who passed away on 23 May.

The actor, most renowned for his role as David Genaro on Rhythm City, succumbed to a cardiac arrest at the age of 55. His management revealed that he died in his sleep surrounded by his family.

Bartlett’s partner Rosa Onious has revealed intimate detail of the moment she found out that the actor had died. Rosa said “David Genaro” took an afternoon nap and never woke up from it. Speaking of “David Genaro’s” last moments, she said:

He took his afternoon nap as usual when he is not working just to rest.  tried to wake him up he was lying there on the couch. I was like ‘Jamie, Jamie wake up’ and he was not responding, and I started shaking and smacking him on the face saying you need to wake up. My mom tried to do CPR on him as well and we called an ambulance, paramedics tried to resuscitate him but he was already gone.

Bartlett’s death shook the people closest to him because he was healthy and never showed any signs of sickness before the cardiac arrest.

Media personality and reality star Somizi Mhlongo revealed that he was with “David Genaro” at the 012 Lifestyle Brooklyn where they hosted the African Cuisine. Somizi said the actor was greeting everyone at the event, including the kitchen staff.