POMONA THEFT: Armed Robber Nguwaya Speaks To ZimEye | EXCLUSIVE
27 May 2022
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The controversial businessman of the Drax covid money scandal, who has a long history of armed robbery,  Delish Nguwaya has denied involvement in the murder of the Zimbabwe Investment Development  Agency Director, Douglas Munetsi, while responding to the ongoing corruption probe over his (Harare City Council) USD400mil Pomona Dump Site Contract.

Nguwaya won the contract without going to tender, and it sailed through for him shortly after the ZIDA Director, Douglas Munatsi was found dead in a suspected bomb attack inside his Harare flat late 2021

Delish Nguwaya

Under the contract the council is obliged to pay Nguwaya, who has a history of armed robbery USD40,000 per day (before VAT), what ever amount of rubbish the council provides, so he can generate electricity for himself.

The contract also says, the council cannot in any way for any reason, alter the terms of the agreement for the next 30 years.

Nguwaya (DN), speaks to Simba Chikanza (SC).

SC: Hello Mkoma Delish.

DN: Yes.

SC: Are you well?

SC: I am sorry for calling you this late. I needed to ask you of the issue council people and MPs are complaining about, on the Pomona deal.

DN: Who is talking? Who is talking?

SC: You are talking with Simba Chikanza at ZimEye mkoma Delish.

DN: Aaah, but you why do you call to ask my things every time?

SC: You’re a public person now, do you not have public contracts now mkoma Delish?

DN: Yes.

SC: So it’s just asking questions, as you know well your name…

DN: Ask.

SC: I just wanted to ask these questions being raised that you are being paid money running into the millions, and they are saying that …

DN: I’m being paid by who?

SC: You’re being paid by the council.

DN: Do you understand what BOOT is?

SC: On that Pomona deal of yours.

DN: I said do you know what BOOT is?


DN: Yes.

SC: I am listening.

DN: Do you know what it means?

SC: You may speak.

DN: Built, Operate, Own And Transfer, isn’t it? The investor is bringing their own money isn’t it, money to build this? Are they wanting anything from government?

SC: So are you saying you don’t want any money from government?

DN: I don’t need any money from government, yes

SC: I mean it from council, isn’t it?

DN: Hello.

SC: I do not mean government, I mean council.

DN: So how does an investor recoup their money after building, can you tell me. You come with your mission and your money so how will you recover your money?
How do you recoup your money?

SC: Did you see their first comment, that, we the landlord, the council….

DN: No, don’t worry about the council people. They are people who are pushing wrong things, who don’t want development. They are being pushed by the opposition. You bring in an investor and within 2 minutes they are taking them to court. Even yourself how do you take that?

SC: Because they are complaining concerning the USD40,000 per day as rental.

DN: There is nothing like that. There’s nothing like that. Let them give you the contract, isn’t it you’re talking to them? Let them give you the contract to give you correct things, not this which is coming from social media by these people.

SC: Then there is this issue that they’re talking about that your deal went through after the death of Doug Munatsi, do you have a conscience ?

DN: Aaaaah, my friend, what you’re talking about I don’t want to hear it, and I don’t have anything to do with that, please don’t ask me these questions with me.

SC: I am only asking mkoma Delish because you know Mr Munatsi didn’t want your deal to go through.

DN: Who told you that?

SC: It’s a public record. That’s a public record.

DN: Aaah, That’s why I don’t want to talk to you that’s why I don’t want to talk to you because after [finishing] to talk to you, because after this you will be going to social media and say this is what I said. Which is wrong.

SC: No. Mkoma Delish I can throw to you the references and you will see not me, not anyone related to me, these are public officials, MPs.

DN: You, don’t ask me that I know nothing about it.

SC: You know, when people are talking it. Yeah?


Mkoma Delish, how do you propose to do away with the tag of accusations that you killed or you’re connected to the death, the killing of Doug Munatsi?

DN: Aaaah I will take you to court, what you’re saying.

SC: You will take me to court?

DN: These are serious allegations which you’re raising against me, very serious allegations.

SC: People are talking and people are making those allegations that’s why I am asking; people are making those allegations.

DN: No, this is nonsense. This is nonsense what you’re talking, you hear? Don’t play games with me, and don’t call me again. Okay? Even if you’re in UK….[INAUDIBLE]