TelOne Students Embark On Massive Strike
27 May 2022
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By- Telone students have embarked on a massive strike to force the state-controlled telecommunications regulator to review their fees downwards.

In a notice by students seen by, the students said the recent fee increase by Telone was astronomical.

The notice said the demo starts at 8 AM at Glow service station, near TelOne

Below is the notice calling for the paralysing strike:

All Telone students, be it a degree or diploma, are invited to attend a demonstration against the new tuition fee for all programs on Friday, 27 May 2022, at the Telone centre for learning from 8 am.

Our complaints are as follows :

  1. The new tuition fee is unaffordable by almost all the students since many of our parents work here in Zimbabwe and are paid in RTGS less than even 250USD per month

2.Learning conditions at Telone do not meet or match the new tuition fees
i) no wifi or internet connection in classrooms
ii) Poor library without telecommunications resources
iii) Almost 3 quarters of the students are doing online lessons which require an extra fee from students for data
iv) Poor laboratory without standard telecommunications resources
v)Even if you check their circular(sent above) on top it is stating that 01 May 2021 , then again it says 01 May 2022
last but not least the stamp on their(TCFL) circular is saying 01 May 2021
:They are Confused and don’t know what they are doing!

Our demonstration starts at 10:00 am and we are going to start from the second gate of the showground entrance marching to the TCFL campus*

Let’s come out together guys and speak in one voice. All students, even those on attachment, kindly attend this event and let’s stop this unjustified hike in tuition fee

Date : Friday 27 May 2022
Meeting place : Glow service station
Time : 8:00 am

See you there






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