Police Justify Moreblessing’s Abduction
31 May 2022
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By Audrey Charowa |  Zimbabwe Republic Police released a statement on May 30th 2022 on the abduction of CCC activist, Moreblessing Ali in an effort to sully the victim’s good character and justify her victimisation. Glaringly missing from the statement is the lack of police effort to find the missing mother.

Moreblessing Ali (41) was abducted by Pius Jamba the brother of Simba Chisango. Chisango is known to be the local Zanu PF Chairman in the Nyatsime area of Chitungwiza where Moreblessing Ali is a passionate community organiser for the Citizens Coalition for Change.Ali
Moreblessing Ali is not just a mother and CCC member, but is also the sister to Washington Ali a member of the CCC branch in Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom. Washington Ali is a juggernaut who does a fantastic job at mobilising resources and voters for the party through his various social media initiatives. It is due to his high profile in the CCC party and his effectiveness in garnering votes that we believe the enforced disappearance of Moreblessing Ali was a psychological revenge attack by ZANU-PF.

Victim Blaming
In the police statement below Zimbabwe Republic Police accuse the victim of the kidnapping, Moreblessing Ali, of having spent Pius Jamba’s money while the two were “involved” in a romantic relationship. This is a dog whistle to misogynistic elements who believe that spending money on women entitles men to a lifetime season ticket to women’s bodies. Yet according to friends of Moreblessing, who declined to be named for fear of violent reprisals by ZANU-PF, such a relationship only exists in the filthy minds of George Charamba or Nick Mangwana who are believed to have written the “police statement”. Moreblessing never dated Jamba according to the family. Also, suspect is the fact that Jamba is the same age as Moreblessing’s eldest son. This is a ploy to make the victim, Moreblessing Ali less sympathetic to the public. The allegation by the police that she took money from her much younger “lover” is meant to instill the belief that Moreblessing Ali is responsible for her own victimisation which is an utterly contemptible notion!Make it make sense!
In a departure from standard Police practice, Zimbabwe Republic Police in the statement, give the name of the witness who saw the abduction and was also a victim of assault by the kidnapper. In a country run as a mafia state by Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa’s ZANU-PF party, this is a clear signal to party miscreants to harm the witness. The police have endangered the life of the witness by this reckless reporting.

The statement about the abducted, Moreblessing Ali does not even contain contact details of the investigating team. Why? There is no solicitation of the public’s help in the investigation. The police know Jamba the kidnapper but have failed to inform the public of what this criminal looks like! As an investigation tool, the eyes of the public are the most important at getting quick results. So it beggars belief why aren’t the police sharing the suspect’s image? This cannot just be incompetence at play here.
It is extremely worrying that the police seem more interested in clearing the ZANU PF name than they are in finding the abducted mother. In their statement they claim that the kidnapper and known criminal Pius Jamba is not a member of ZANU PF. What this means is that the police prioritised checking the ZANU PF membership lists instead of trying to find the abducted political activist.

Why was that necessary?

This attack on the Ali and CCC family will not be forgiven in this lifetime or the next. We implore the kidnappers, police to return Moreblessing Ali to her family. Please call or WhatsApp We ask the public to be vigilant. To the Ali family we say “You are in our prayers. You have our love and support.”

We kindly ask the good people of Zimbabwe for assistance in locating Moreblessing Ali (41) who was abducted on 24 May 2022. If you know anything about Moreblessing Ali’s current whereabouts please contact the nearest police station or call/WhatsApp +263 77 455 8997 or +263 77 375 6658

Audrey Charowa
Southend-on-Sea Branch Chairperson