The Army Is Fed-Up With Mnangagwa
2 June 2022
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By Paddington Japajapa | Emmerson Mnangagwa knows that the Zimbabwe National Army isn’t happy with the situation in the country. They are earning Rtgs whilst rents, school fees, food, transport etc is paid in foreign currency. The members of the ZNA like any other citizen are have no access to the RBZ auction bank exchange rate.

This means they have to face the discord music of the Zimbabwean economic exchange rate like every other voter.The situation is not sweet music in barracks as the standard of living has deteriorated at an alarming rate.The soldiers under what circumstances will they vote ZanuPF’s Mnangagwa? The army thought in removing Mugabe in 2017 coup their lives would change for the better but alas things have gone from bad to worse.

A member of ZNA is recruited in his late teens and is supposed to work for 20 years.This means a soldier at 40 years will be faced with retirement.He will move into retirement without a house of his own both in Urban and Rural areas.A Zimbabwean soldier is sure to retire into destitution.This is pathetic.The soldiers are quickly realizing the truth of working under Mnangagwa’s government.

Most of the soldiers have young families.They need to pay school fees . They can’t afford to rent more than one room ,meaning they can’t buy furniture.They only have a small bed and a wardrobe.*

The soldiers are educated unlike the 1980 soldiers.They are so much exposed to social media which inform them of the SADC counterparts’ standard of living.There is restless in the army as they ponder of their future.

Mnangagwa must never try to force members of the ZNA to vote against their wish as it will be catastrophic.Mnangagwa must accept and afford members of the army to elect a leader they have faith in.The ZNA has lost faith in ZanuPF.

More than 90% of the soldiers are staying in the high density areas with suffering majority. They interact with friends, relatives , neighbours and fellow tenants (lodgers) on the situation in the country.The hardships caused by Mnangagwa’s failure isn’t sparing them.The price of cooking oil which is forcing fellow citizens to eat munjonjo is also affecting the soldiers.

It’s a pity when some silly, out of touch and inconsiderate ZanuPF leaders claim that if Chamisa wins they will go to war.The first group to celebrate Chamisa’s win will be members of the ZNA because they would have been liberated from poverty.If a ballot box was to be placed in an army barrack and freedom of choice guaranteed it will be a miracle for Mnangagwa to score 3% votes.In some barracks, Mnangagwa will be scoring zero zero votes like Mwonzora.

Zimbabweans have lost faith in ZanuPF.The security forces are no exception.Mnangagwa as a liberation struggle Fighter he must revisit the aims, objectives and ethos of the liberation struggle.He will understand that the liberation Struggle was fought for ONE MAN ONE VOTE meaning “Uyo adikananwa nevanhu nguva iyoyo ndiye uchatugamirira nyika”

🇿🇼☝️🇿🇼 Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good for Citizens who want better change in Zimbabwe.