Mnangagwa Far Better Than Ian Smith: Wafawarova
3 June 2022
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A Herald columnist has said the late Prime Minister Ian Smith can in no way be better than the current leadership.

Drawing several parallels, Reason Wafawarova said Ian Smith won’t recognise Harare today if he was to wake up today.

Ian Smith

He said in full:

Two thirds of morden day Harare wasn’t there during Ian Smith time. Rhodesia had 166 secondaty schools countrywide. Zimbabwe has no less than 3000 secondary schools today.

Ian Smith had one university only. Zimbabwe has more than ten universities.

Rhodesia had 120 clinics countrywide. Zimbabwe has a clinic within each 20 km of populated area.

There is no single surviving high way of the colonial era. Masvingo Mutare was redone after independence and so was Harare Mutare, Harare Bulawayo, Harare Beveridge etc.

Ian Smith wouldn’t recognise an inch of Harare if he rose from the dead today.

Anyone who thinks Ian Smith was good for Zimbabwe is saying the Liberation war was unjustified or misdirected at a hero.

I take exception to that with all the wrath, fury anger and irateness ever possible.

Please do not insult our resolve, bravery and ideological greatness just because you were born in a completely useless generation only good at dancing in halls at night, sleeping around and spending your entire life on social media.

This revisionist nonsense about the greatness of Ian Smith or Rhodesia must stop or we will stop it the very way we stopped Ian Smith.

Don’t insult us.