Sekuru Banda Weighs In On Toe-Selling Business
3 June 2022
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By A Correspondent| Popular Harare traditional healer, Sekuru Banda has weighed in on the trending issue alleging that Zimbabweans are selling their toes in return for large amounts of money.

Sekuru Banda discouraged Zimbabweans against seeking short-cut routes to richness which he said will always backfire later.

Since last week, social media has been awash with claims that some Zimbabwean men especially those based along Angwa Street, previously known as Ximex Mall were buying top of the range cars after trading their toes.

In an interview with ZimEye, Sekuru Banda discouraged young people against trading their body parts for money.

“I am a traditional healer and perhaps the most qualified person to speak on this issue, it is indeed happening and very worrying because as much as it brings immediate riches, it will definitely backfire.

“I would like to encourage our youths to work hard, things are hard at the moment but there is no shorter route to success, it comes at a price,” said Sekuru Banda.

He appealed to government to put in place laws that promote human dignity while punishing those involved in such trades.

Sekuru Banda added that the issue was painting a wrong picture about Zimbabwe citing a story that appeared on BBC news early this week as an example of how the issue has escalated and tarnishing the image of the country.

This issue is painting a very sad picture about Zimbabwe, the dignity of Zimbabweans has gone down the drain, maybe when we go out, people will label us those who sold their toes for money, what a shame,” fumed Sekuru Banda.