Madhuku Mourns Magaisa
6 June 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| Professor Lovemore Madhuku has described Dr Alex Magaisa as the country’s “newest intellectual giant.”

Magaisa was Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s advisor during the GNU era.

Professor Madhuku wrote on Twitter:
: I have already said to all Zimbabweans, courtesy of
that Alex Magaisa was our newest intellectual giant and an outstanding icon of his generation.

His clarity of thought was both refreshing and inspiring. It is shocking, devastating and painful MHDSRIP.”

The Constitutional Law Centre has also described the death of Dr Magaisa as devastating.

“The Constitutional Law Centre (CLC) has learnt with great shock and deep sadness of the untimely passing of our Convener, Dr. Alex T Magaisa. He died in the morning of 5 June 2022 in the United Kingdom.”