Remembering Hwange Mine Victims
7 June 2022
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Today officially marks 50 years after the occurrence of the greatest tragedy in the history of mining in Zimbabwe

On 6th June 1972, the Whange local communities and indeed the rest of the country and world was forced to witness and endure one of the most horrific mining disasters in the entire history of the world.

A series of multiple underground explosions led to the tragic loss of at least 427 lives at the Kamandama mining site near Madumabisa

It was a tragic experience that left an indelible black mark not only within the Whange local communities but also across Zimbabwe and the rest of the world.

May all their dear souls continue to rest in peace.

Today, as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Kamandama mining disaster, we call upon the mining industry and the government to reaffirm their commitment to mining environmental safety and promotion of workers rights and equitable benefits

We also call upon the management of the local Colliery company to come up with a robust and sustainable plan for the widows and surviving members of the families of all those who tragically passed away during the 1972 Kamandama mining disaster

Thulani Moyo
Office of the MP for Whange Central Constituency