Pomona Debt: Council Embarks on Arbitrary Water Disconnections in Kuwadzana
8 June 2022
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Cash strapped Harare City Council is currently (today)conducting arbitrary water disconnections in Kuwadzana six (6) for properties that ‘owe’ the local authority on rates.

The action by the local authority has been viewed by residents as a fundraising effort to service the “dubious” Pomona Waste to Energy debt.

CHRA Coordinator Ward 38 , Charmaine Sigudu has confirmed that 30 houses have been disconnected in her area and the rampant exercise continue unabated.

Even those who are paying rates but in “arrears” with the local authority have not been spared by the water disconnections.

The arbitrary water disconnections happens at a time when the local authority has a non functional billing system.

Water disconnections have been used as a strategy by the City of Harare to arm twist residents to pay for services rendered or not provided.

Section 77 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides for the right to water.

Arbitrary water disconnections have been fuelling corruption between city officials and residents in most high density suburbs.

More to follow…………