Time To Deal With Slavery Under Zanu PF Regime
8 June 2022
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We Have To Break From ZanuPF Slavery …. Teachers!

By Jeffryson Chitando

The only way to restore the teachers’ dignity is by voting out Mnangagwa and ZanuPF in 2023.Mnangagwa is insensitive to teachers plight.Teachers are slaves under ZanuPF government.

Teachers are expected to teach a class of over 50 students whilst SADC countries are reducing the teacher : pupil ratio Zimbabwe is doing the opposite.

It was going to be understandable if the ZanuPF government was providing with teaching/ learning materials.Teachers are to supplement the learning environment by purchasing chalk; Manila; Makers; and other essential learning-teaching materials for effective learning to take place.

The accommodation for rural school teachers leaves a lot to be desired.Most of the houses for teachers in resettlement and rural areas is not fit for humans.In all this the patriotism exhibited by teachers is beyond human imagination.

The salary for teachers is a pale shadow of their commitment, dedication and patriotism .A salary which can’t feed a family for a week but still for the love of their nation teachers have continued to work.If Mnangagwa was to spend a week as teacher on such a salary truly he would have no option but to wage a bloody war against the government.

ZanuPF must know teachers can’t feed on patriotism but they want food, clothes, school fees for their families.The teachers have an obligation to liberate themselves from ZanuPF slavery.

It’s upon every school head and teacher to encourage and make sure every staff member and their families at their station are registered to vote for change.

The biggest culprit are the one day greedy teachers who sacrifice lifetime liberty to a day allowance. Elections body ZEC will recruit teachers as election officers.The recruited Election Officers for the love few one day allowances are prepared to be deployed away from their polling station making them not cast their votes.

In 2018 ZEC Presidential results show that President Nelson Chamisa failed to have ZanuPF Candidate Mnangagwa to runoff with less than 32 000 votes.If ZEC displaced 5 teachers per polling station of the 11 000 polling stations in country boy means teachers were used as a rigging conduit.

2023 Zimbabwe teachers must liberate themselves.There no reason for teachers fail to encourage rural voters to participate and vote for change.Teachers are agents of change.No change which can be effective and fruitful without teachers.

Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good for Citizens who want better change in Zimbabwe