Arrest Simba Chisango, Pius Jamba
13 June 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens’ Coalition for Change has challenged the Zimbabwe Republic Police to arrest suspected killers of Moreblessing Ali.

Moreblessing was abducted and brutally murdered by suspected Zanu PF thugs.

In a statement, CCC Namibia urged SADC and AU to act on the rising political crisis in Zimbabwe.

See statement below:

Citizens Coalition For Change(CCC) Namibia demands justice to Moreblessing Ali and Langalihle Dube!

12 June 2022

Citizens in Namibia demand justice to the butchered change champions Moreblessing Ali and Langalihle Dube. May their dear souls rest in power as we continue the fight against ZanuPF sponsored abductions and forced disappearances.

It is quite pathetic to witness state-sponsored torture and abductions of citizens 42 years after the so-called independence.

As a democratic alternative, we call upon SADC, African Union and United Nations to intervene to save our people from these Fascists who are terminating citizens’ precious lives on account of politics.

ZANUPF abductors must be called to order, they should be compelled to respect the sanctity of life. We can’t continue with impunity when we lose activists and human rights defenders on a daily basis.

Moreover, the citizens of Zimbabwe must also protect each other against ZANUPF abductors. It is now imperative to embrace dangerous freedom against state-sponsored torture and abductions of change champions in the motherland. The citizenry should unite and confront these thugs defending their human freedoms. Moreblessing Ali was severely attacked before she was bundled into a car belonging to ZANUPF thug Pius Jamba. Yesterday, we received bad news that our missing champion was found dead in well owned by the ZANUPF chairperson for Nyatsime, Chitungwiza,Simba Chisango.

In addition to that, Moreblessing Ali’s body was retrieved from the well in two pieces with her intestines packed in a plastic bag. This reflected that Pius Jamba and Simba Chisango killed Moreblessing Ali and cut her into two pieces before throwing her into their well 25 metres away from Chisango’s homestead. They went on to pull off her dreadlocks, the levels of torture and assault she experienced were evidently extreme. To date no one has been arrested or interrogated which signals the complicity of the desperate Harare regime in this atrocity. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia demands justice to Moreblessing Ali! The perpetrators of the murder of our change champion must be brought to book.

As an external assembly, we encourage the police to start protecting citizens instead of conniving with ZANUPF thugs who are killing our people for believing in the alternative. Five days after Moreblessing Ali had gone missing, Paul Nyathi, the police spokesperson said it was a love affair not a political matter. A statement which unravels the unprofessional conduct of our police which is now an extension of the politically inept regime. The attempt to cover up unearthed how our police have been captured by ZANUPF, this must be resisted with equal measure.

Simba Chisango and Pius Jamba must be prosecuted and charged with murder. Participatory democracy is key at this juncture, we need to effect a citizen’s arrest on the known murderers of Moreblessing Ali.

Furthermore, ZANUPF continued with its thugocracy in Bulawayo. State sponsored thugs invaded our change champion, Langalihle Dube’s house. Mr Tuesday as he was popularly known was butchered during the night by sadist thugs from ZANUPF. Dube was a recruiter and mobiliser of change champions in Lobengula and the entire city of Bulawayo. He was killed for fighting against corruption, gross misgovernance, absolute abuse of human freedoms, arbitrary arrests, long pre-trial detentions and forced disappearances. No one has been arrested in connection with the ruthless murder of change champions. Again, we appeal to the police to discharge their duties professionally. They must apprehend bloody-minded ZANUPF thugs. We demand justice to Langalihle Dube! May his dear soul rest in power.

In a nutshell, our message to citizens across the globe is very clear, we should all embrace dangerous freedom against state-sponsored abductions and forced disappearances. Itai Dzamara disappeared and he remains unaccounted for to date, we demand justice to all victims of politically motivated violence,forced disappearances and abductions. The movement lost Mboneni Ncube in Kwekwe, a young life taken on account of politics. May his dear soul rest in power. Nyasha Zhambe was killed in Gutu, Masvingo for subscribing to the Yellow Revolution.

It is now high time we organise ourselves so that we can resist ZANUPF sponsored abductions and violence on the voices of dissent. Lets be each other’s keeper in the face of ZanuPF repression. Solidarity is a core value in social democracy. Citizens must be ready to defend one another against ZanuPF thugs. Impunity must be resisted now or never. Citizens must register to vote for change in 2023.







Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya