Church Leaders Determined To Fight Corruption
13 June 2022
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11 June 2022, Harare

Today, we went to court to stand with 34 Church leaders and congregants who were detained yesterday, for simply praying for Zimbabwe.

Nehemiah 1 vs 1 – 11 calls upon all Zimbabweans to weep, mourn and pray for Zimbabwe.

The socio-economic and political situation in Zimbabwe is not normal.

Nehemiah 1 vs 3: Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe and the Diaspora are in great trouble and shame.

It is very unfortunate that church members get arrested for simply praying for restoration and fulfillment of the scriptures and implementation of the national constitution.

The Zimbabwe we want is heavenly. The Zimbabwe we want is convened by the strict dictates of the Zimbabwean constitution. The Zimbabwe we want respect its citizens, including women and children. The Zimbabwe we want has leaders who listen to the counsel and wails of their nation.
The Zimbabwe we want advances the cause of social justice, protecting minorities, the poor, widows, the elderly, orpharns and those low in spirit.

Zimbabwe is our birthright. As Nehemiah, we will not stand aside and look as our nation deteriorates whilst a few capture and privatise the entire country.

We pray and we are confident that Lord God, through Jesus Christ, will Save Zimbabwe (Psalms 23)

The Zimbabwe We Want