Moreblessing Ali Brutal Murder: Politics In Charge Of Policing
13 June 2022
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By Maureen Kademaunga

The Zimbabwean Police has proved to be competent and able to solve crime but with a worrying exception in cases that involve murders, abductions and general abuse of hrds & political actors that are critical of the ZANU PF regime and more glaringly murder cases in which a ZANU PF member is named as a suspect.

It is obvious to see that politics is now taking over policing!

The continued undue political interference in policing undermines police’s effectiveness in carrying out its mandate & erodes public confidence in the police thereby breeding non-cooperation and a real danger of degeneration into lawlessness.

Politics must stay out of Policing! Public confidence in the police is now very low and yet it is a key element for effective policing. Policing is anchored on a dual aspect of enforcement of the law and enablement of rights & as such relies much on the public’s confidence that the police’s powers are just and necessary and free of undue political influence.

The regime must allow the police to be a non-partisan, apolitical organisation that polices by consent with respect and approval of the public as enshrined in the constitution.

Otherwise we may never get justice for Mboneni, Dube, Moreblessing and others!