All Set For Moreblessing Ali Memorial
14 June 2022
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By-CCC has announced that all has been set for the memorial service of their murdered activist Moreblessing Ali.

On Monday, CCC deputy chairman Job Sikhala said the deceased’s family would announce the burial dates for Moreblessing at the memorial today.

Said Sikhala:
We are at Chitungwiza Central Hospital, where the hospital wanted to do the COVID-19 tests before the autopsy.
I have been instructed by the family of Moreblessing Ali standing on this picture to announce to the public that there will be no burial of Mobby until [her] murderers are apprehended. Tomorrow’s Memorial Prayer Service will be the major event until further notice. Let us come in our thousands tomorrow to mourn our murdered colleague.
Below are the details of the event:
Memorial Service for Moreblessing Ali Date: Tuesday 14 June 2022 Time: 1300hrs Venue: Moreblessing Ali’s residence, Nyatsime You are all invited to attend,”.

Ali’s mutilated body was found in a disused well in Nyatsime on 11 June after she went missing on 24 May.
A ZANU PF member, Pius Jambo, who is a half-brother to Simbarashe Chisango, an alleged ZANU PF terror gang leader, has been identified as a chief suspect by the police.

Jambo’s whereabouts are not known, and the police said they are looking for him.