JUST IN: ARTUZ President Obert Masaraure Arrested
14 June 2022
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By A Correspondent| Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) President Obert Masaraure has been arrested by the Police in Harare after he had gone for his routine remand bail hearing conditions for the case of treason and participating in a lawful teachers protest.

According to ARTUZ, the State took advantage of his presence and arrested him preffering charges of murder emanating from an incident where one of the union members now deceased Roy fell from 7th Floor at Jameson Hotel in 2016.

After the Sudden death of Roy, the issue went for Court Inquest during the same year at Harare Magistrate Court and the court ruled out any form of Foul Play .

“We were aware of the the State machinations to come up with murder Charges against the Union Leadership after getting a tip off from insiders informing us that the charges will be brought as way of frustrating , harassment and Victimisation of the Union and its leadership.

“We also want to urge our membership to remain Vigilant in trying times as this is clearly a planned tyranny tactic by the State to cripple the upcoming protests planned from the 20th to 24th of June.

We call upon all Citizens, all teachers all Civil Servants to join the protest as well as Demand the release of Obert Masaraure,” the Union said.