Nick Mangwana Celebrates ZRP’s Theatric Arrest Of Pius Jamba
16 June 2022
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By Simba Chikanza | ANALYSIS | Waking up on Thursday morning to the breaking news that murder suspect (in the case of the dismembered Nyatsime CCC activist, Moreblessing Ali), Pius Jamba has been arrested, would make one think something is finally being done to bring the 46y old mum’s killers to justice. But a lot of things are not adding up.

There is nothing to celebrate at all for many reasons, chief of which is that:

1. Pius Jamba was not arrested. He simply handed himself in at around 5am on Thursday morning, and police staged up an arrest at 8am. Why is the reason for creating James Bond drama around themselves as if they did something spectacular, and why deliberately exclude the sequence of events?

  1. Jamba’s brother, Simba Chisango hasn’t been arrested despite the revelations made in his 30 May interview.
  2. to 7: There are at least 5 reasons to show that the police which only deployed armies of trucks after the funeral, demonstrate insincerity. VIDEO LOADING BELOW

8. The police has put Moreblessing Ali’s own lawyer, Job Sikhala under arrest, disrupting him during the vital discharging of his duty of representing the deceased and her family, making the police operation a pure mockery. They arrested her lawyer over mythical statements he was instructed to announce, speeches that are practiced for thousands of years, going back to Biblical times. The development portrays the police as criminals in an operation to distort evidence. In this fashion, the arrest of Jamba only fits that of a skit.